Madison LeCroy Top 10 Beauty Sleep Routine – Video

Enchanted from the south and fresh face! Madison lecroy invited Us weekly to her Charleston home to see her Beauty Sleep put on. Watch the exclusive video above – the latest in Us Weekly’s Sleep beauty series – to see how the personality of Bravo, 30, fades.

Store brand beauty
After trimming her hair, the Southern charm Beauty was ready to clean: “I always start with some kind of cleansing wipe. This is just the Target brand [makeup remover wipes.] It’s a knockoff of Neutrogena’s. I just roll my eyes first. “

Madison LeCroy Cure for Technical Neck, Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

Bargain purchase
“In fact, I found these little dehydrated sponges at Amazon“Explained the reality TV star. The sponges, which cost $ 8.49 per 40-pack, are “paper thin and you just put them under water and they expand.”

Cure for dry skin
On the sponge, the hairdresser applied Maya Chia The Great Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil.

“My face is very, very dry. So I do about three pumps of that and do circular motions, “he said. U.S. “I think I am overdoing it with the product. I just like it and I don’t know if you’ve ever used Maya Chia before, but her stuff is absolutely amazing. “

The pimples are gone
“About twice a week, I will use Zo Skin Health, which is an exfoliating polish. I heard you can exfoliate every day, but I’ll do it two or three times a week because I try to get a little sun on my face so I don’t want to take that off, ”LeCroy said. “I told you guys, if I’m going to do this, I’ll give you the real, real deal. So wherever you have pores and blackheads and things like that, I try to focus mostly on those areas, and just rub that in. “

He finished his facial cleansing with Zo Skin Health Renewal Pads.

Old wives’ tale
When applying the products, LeCroy gave two tips that he tries to follow: “They say, if you use the ring finger under the eye, it is a more delicate touch. So I don’t know if it’s an old wives story or what, but I will. And pat [your face]Instead of rubbing, as a cosmetologist, I feel like I should know that. “

Madison LeCroy Cure for Technical Neck, Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

Luscious lashes
“I have eyelash extensions, so it makes me feel like I don’t have to wear as much makeup as I normally would,” she said. U.S. “Have you ever heard of Revitalash? So this is eyelash water. It’s safe for lash extensions and you can spray it with a little towel and get that lash line. “

Throwback beauty
“These things take me back, like a long time ago. It’s Estee Lauder. I know your mom probably used it. My mother looks great considering she has never touched Botox or anything like that. So this is just your Advanced night repair. So I’m going to do what she’s doing because it’s clearly working for her, ”said the Bravo star. “I follow [my skin] hydrated because when you put on makeup and it looks dehydrated, everything looks bad. I mean, I think this is definitely the trick to having a good makeup, it’s a fresh face. “

Tech Neck Solution
“I continue with Zo moisturizer. This is the Daily Power Defense. I make two bombs out of this and hit my T-zone, ”he said. “Get the technical mast, because God I know I need something [help] with that!”

Turn on that glow
“I’m trying to end up with a kind of wet fog,” he explained. “I do this before makeup. I do it after makeup. I do it after cleaning my face. This is the Tatcha’s wet skin. I just love it. It makes me feel better.”

Madison LeCroy Cure for Technical Neck, Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

If you only buy one product …
“If there is going to be a product that I am going to sit here and tell them they have to buy, it is Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask“, He pointed. “I use this all the time and I love it. I also use it after putting on lip liner sometimes. When I wake up, I still feel like I have the Chapstick on. “

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