Siesta Key’s Camilla reveals she was pregnant with Brandon’s baby

An emotional situation. Camilla Cattaneo has made it clear throughout season 4 of Siesta Key that she is not ready to drink Brandon gomes after he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant.

During the Wednesday June 2 episode, he revealed that there is more to the story that he hasn’t shared. As he talks about the group’s upcoming trip to the Grenadines, he asks if Brandon, 26, plans to take his son, Quincy, with him.

“I don’t want to see that boy, sorry. It’s too much for me, “Camilla said. Amanda marie miller Y Juliette Porter before I start crying. “There is something deeper and it is something that I have been hiding from everyone because it is so emotional.”

Siesta Keys' Camilla Cattaneo tearfully reveals she was pregnant with Brandon Gomes Baby

Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes. Courtesy of Camilla Cattaneo / Instagram; Courtesy of Brandon Gomes / Instagram

After being told to take her time and collect her emotions, she explained, “I was pregnant with Brandon’s child in February and we went together, like, to the doctor and everything. I had an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube. I was in the hospital, [it was] the first time they operated on me alone all day. Brandon was waiting for me outside, he took care of me and, like, we got closer through that. “

During the episode, which was filmed in January 2021, she went on to explain that the process was a “blessing in disguise” as she ended up having a child with another woman. Delainey shae, with whom he was cheating.

“I’m pregnant and I’m going to the emergency room, they’re going to operate on me, like, while this girl is about to have her child. I have no idea. He knows in the back of his head, clearly, that she was pregnant, ”Camilla said through tears. “You could have got us both pregnant, I mean, it actually did. What am I saying? He had us both pregnant. “

Following the scene being broadcast, Camilla tweeted, “Although I never carried you in my arms, my heart will hold you forever. Heaven won a beautiful angel. “

He explained the moment in more detail through Instagram, calling February 2020 “one of the most difficult and life-changing moments” he had been through. “I put myself in such a vulnerable position on national television because I wanted women to know that they are not alone. Things like this make us stronger and better. There are many support groups, if you are feeling lonely please message me and I will do my best to help. You are not alone.”

Camilla and Brandon’s relationship was recounted during season 3 of Siesta Key. During the reunion special, which aired in August 2020, he revealed that he was a father after sleeping with another woman. While claiming it was a one-night stand, Delainey told Camilla that they had been involved for five months and that he “knew all along that she was pregnant and decided to block her when she said she would keep the baby.”

During Wednesday’s episode, Brandon revealed to Delainey that he would be leaving for the Grenadines for a month.

“It’s a long time to go and be out for a baby,” she said. “Maybe we need to see if it is a safe place to travel with the baby.”

Brandon later told him that while he would like to be joined, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea because “he’s going to have some exes in there.”

Siesta Key airs on Wednesdays on MTV at 8 pm ET.

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