RHONY’s Heather Thomson Says Leah Turned It On For The Cameras

Speak. Heather thomson shared why it was awkward to film certain moments of Real Housewives of New York season 13 together Leah McSweeney – who, according to Heather, performed the drama when the cameras were on.

“We would be talking and then the camera would turn on and it would be a different setting. I think there is a line that is crossed, “said Heather, 50, exclusively Us weekly while promoting your new company with Beyond cool. “I am very interested in individuality and letting people be who they are. I say it on the show, exposing one’s body, that kind of talk empowers some people. Some people are buttoned up and a bit more polite, someone would say it empowers other people. I’m not going to judge that. “

While Heather was not personally bothered by Leah’s behavior, she was still concerned at the thought of her children. Heather shares her son Jax and daughter Ella Rae with her husband, Jonathan Schindler.

RHONY's Heather Thomson Says Leah McSweeney Turned It On For The Cameras: 'There's A Line Crossing'

Heather Thomson and Leah McSweeney. Nancy Rivera / Ace Pictures / Shutterstock; Anne Wermiel / NY Post / MEGA

“I would say it was uncomfortable for me to be a mother. Where she crossed a line [is] saying what a man is worth, “he clarified to U.S. “That crossed the line for me on so many levels because I would never diminish a man to that. I was offended on different levels. My son’s faces, like, appeared in front of me sitting at that table. “

Heather explained that she found the language that 38-year-old Leah used to be “vulgar,” although she usually doesn’t take much offense.

“It’s just not what I’m talking about. I swear like a sailor, I have a potty mouth. I say the f word all the time. … I am not offended by that guy [of] speak. I don’t think people should be, ”he clarified. “However… when I’m in mixed company, I try to judge the crowd, so to speak. I think if you’re making someone uncomfortable, maybe you can turn. But also that person you are bothering could also try to turn. There is always cooperation. There is always a way to find yourself in the middle. “

Heather added that she knew Leah was going to try to provoke the drama. During the episode, Leah read quotes from Heather’s podcast about the other women.

“She just read the headlines. No one at that table listened to the podcast. So I knew he was going to shoot me, ”Thomson said. “I was tipped off … about one of the other women on the show.”

She continued, “I wasn’t really that worried about it because to this day, I’m behind the podcast and everything I’ve said about the franchise, my experience in the franchise, all the women in the franchise, and the jokes that I tell you. fire in See what happens live. You have to give quick answers. “

For Heather, that experience comes from starring in a reality show.

“It is part of the program that we are in. We’re supposed to get a little upset. That’s how it is, “he said. U.S.

U.S previously revealed that Heather cut her appearances in the current season of RHONY In short, after his fight with Leah.

“Heather could see that Leah was performing for the cameras and using behavior that she considered demeaning and exploitative and frankly she crossed a line,” the source said. U.S in March. “Heather didn’t want to be a part of Leah, so after she left that weekend, Heather had no interest in continuing the season and stopped filming.”

Now, Heather is focusing on her passion for nutrition, which includes a new role as co-founder of Beyond Fresh.

“We can make better decisions for our families, for ourselves, as we are trying to do so. I want to age gracefully, but I want to stack the odds in my favor for longevity, ”she explained of the premium line of whole food powders and supplements that takes an easy-to-follow, science-based approach to superfoods and whole foods. nutrition. “For my children who are learning earlier in life, what I am just learning now. … I recognize there was a gap in the market for truly affordable vegan, wholegrain or nutritional plant-based foods.

She concluded: “So I launched Beyond Fresh for that reason. I wanted it to be an affordable, educational brand that helps people supplement their nutrition to learn. [and] to make better decisions. Eliminating bad decisions with better options. “

The Real Housewives of New York City airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 pm ET.

With reports from Mandie DeCamp

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