Dish soap is perfect for preparing extensions

Extension Expert Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Top Style Secrets

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Chrissy teigen She has two secret weapons up her sleeve when it comes to getting her flowing, voluminous, and practically perfect hair.

The former is a Hollywood hair extensions expert and beauty guru. Priscilla Valles. The second is a good soap for traditional and ordinary dishes.

Now the latter may sound confusing at first, but after Valles, who just launched his own line of extensions in collaboration with GLAM SEAMLESS, revealed his secrets to Us weekly In an exclusive interview, all kitchen cleaner as a beauty product made a lot more sense.

Extension Expert Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Top Style Secrets
Courtesy of Glam Seamless

“Hair must be impeccably clean [before I put in extensions]. Usually, I show up with a clarifying shampoo and wash their hair because the cleaner you get it, without oils or products, you don’t have to worry about the extensions slipping, slipping and falling, ”Valles explained to Elegant.

Of course, Teigen being the comedian that she is, she took the message a bit literally a long time ago. “We joke, because I always say ‘Squeaky clean’ and she says, ‘Dish soap.’ And I actually say, ‘Yes,’ ”the hair expert revealed.

She continued, “That’s an extensions secret. Before clarifying shampoo existed, we took regular shampoo and a dime-sized amount of dish soap to keep you really clean. So Chrissy always liked that and now it’s always just, ‘Wash yourself with the dish soap!’ And she’s ready before I get there. “

But regardless of whether Valles is working with Teigen or other clients like the Kardashians, Jenners or Hailey bieber, the post-shampoo step is what totally transforms your client’s hair: extensions!

Recently, the expert has improved her game thanks to her new line of Brazilian Mix Extensions, which she created in collaboration with GLAM SEAMLESS.

The line, which will be available on June 7, 2021, is a one-stop shop for hair professionals. It includes 16 different shades, which Valles painted by hand, tools to help apply, shape and remove extensions, as well as a set of educational videos that will help both consumers and professionals learn a little more about the process.

“With this line, each tool is my favorite. I have 20 years of experience, so I know which tool will not only remove faster, but also won’t prick your hand at the end of the day. I know which solution will complement the tools, ”said Valles. U.S about the development process, which lasted about a year and a half.

He also wanted to prioritize the “integrity of the client’s hair” with his line, which features 25 extensions in each pack. “Extensions get a bad rap due to poor application, poor removal, and poor quality. I just wanted to produce a line where everything is good for the hair, it won’t get damaged, all the tools are correct, it goes on and on, ”he explained.

Extension Expert Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Top Style Secrets
Courtesy of Glam Seamless

Plus, once all is said and done, styling the extensions couldn’t be easier (think: less blow-drying and styling). “I tell my clients that you don’t need to put so much stress on your hair to make it look good. I just built the dream head of like a wig on your head, ”he laughed.

Advice that your girls, including the Kardashian-Jenners, swear by? “Right now, what they really like is going to bed with wet hair and braiding them twice. This is how you get that natural, beautiful and smooth wave. They have leave-in conditioner on their hair and that’s it! “

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