Odette Annable details third miscarriage in emotional tribute

A heartbreaking announcement. Odette Annable revealed that she and her husband, Dave annable, experienced another pregnancy loss.

The actress, 36, shared the news through Instagram Tuesday June 8, what would have been your due date. “IT IS NOT A PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. The only thing I was sure of was how Dave and I felt when I found out I was pregnant. We were euphoric, ”he captioned two black and white photos of his cradling bulge. In the second snapshot, 41-year-old Dave planted a kiss on his wife’s belly.

“After having two miscarriages after Charlie and after our personal journey as a couple, we finally felt we were in the right place and our gift was this baby in my womb,” continued Odette. “I was 15 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken of me in December and today would have been her due date. There was another plan and our baby is no longer with us ”.

The home The student pointed out that what her fans see of her life on social networks “is not always what is happening in real life.” As you try to give your followers an “authentic” snapshot of your world, what ends up on your page “consists mostly of a reel of highlights” with a more positive outlook.

Odette Annable suffers third pregnancy loss

Odette Annable. AFF-USA / Shutterstock

But this is real and it is part of life. The really difficult things that you never think about or want to come up with. I miss feeling this sweet baby grow up, but I also know that it was a gift to bring our baby and a privilege even for the little time we spent together. ” You again added the actress. “It never felt good not to share or celebrate this moment in our life, I just needed the space to do so. I found that there are always silver lights in difficult things if you look closely. “

As she continued to bare her soul, she noticed that her husband, whom she married in 2010, and her 5-year-old daughter, Charlie, helped her recover after the difficult loss.

“This experience has given me a new appreciation for my husband, who was a rock to me and was unwavering in his support, even though I know he was feeling it all too. I was amazed at the miracle that Charlie is ”, he concluded. What a miracle and blessing it is to have a healthy child. I am very grateful for my family. We love you always and forever, little angel 👼🏼 ”.

This is not the only challenge actors have faced recently. In October 2019, Us weekly confirmed that the couple had “come to a mutual decision” to go their separate ways. The following January, Odette admitted that she was having a “difficult time” coping with her separation.

“I am incredibly grateful for the last 10 years. It was the best and the worst of times, ”he wrote via Instagram at the time. “They shaped me, I grew up. My goal for the new decade, in addition to promising never to stop learning and growing, is to try to be the best version of myself ”.

However, in August 2020, the couple announced that they had reconciled by sharing a photo of PDA on social media and joking, “It’s not all bad news.”

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