They ‘could crash and burn’

Warning: this story contains spoilers for Tuesday, June 8, end of New Amsterdam.

Finally. That’s what many New Amsterdam fans – Ryan Eggold included – they feel after the season 3 finale, during which Max finally kissed Helen (Freema agyeman). While fans didn’t see much of it, thanks to their apartment door quickly closing behind them, the actors gave Us weekly a bit of information on how they felt after that kiss and what’s next.

“I just felt like it was time. I was so ready for these characters to go one way or another, “said the Blacklist alum, 36, said U.S exclusively. “We had created so much tension between us. … We were in a place where I felt like we should go for it, and I was so excited to find a new landscape. “

New Amsterdams Ryan Eggold Freema Agyeman on the future of Max Helens

Freema Agyeman and Ryan Eggold in New Amsterdam. Virginia Sherwood / NBC

Although the 42-year-old Agyeman was also happy to finally see the couple reunite, she is even more excited to see what comes next.

“Some people have the opinion that it could ruin or change the relationship they have, which is a great friendship. [and] professional relationship – whatever it is – maternal, paternal ”, the Doctor who alum said U.S. “It just takes many forms. But I guess once you have a tag, will all those other things go away or will they just be able to level up and still have everything they have, but they will just be more? “

Agyeman noted that he does not know the answer, but feels it could be two ways, saying U.S, “It could be wonderful, or it could crash and burn.”

He also pointed out that there are many layers in the lives of both, at home and at work.

“What will Georgia’s parents say? They will still be in Luna’s life. What would the rest of the staff think? And it’s as if everyone else’s opinion could have an impact on them, ”explained the native of England. “Would they be seen as professionals if they were putting it in the storage closet in the living room? It could be quite funny, naughty, and a bit like, ‘Oh, see you after the board meeting,’ but I don’t know. I am excited to see it. Anything could happen.”

New Amsterdams Ryan Eggold Freema Agyeman on the future of Max Helens

Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman in New Amsterdam. Virginia Sherwood / NBC

First 90210 Star added that while “falling in love is one of the most exciting things in the world,” some “complications” can arise after their relationship flourishes, both at work and with Georgia’s family and their views on Helen.

“Dr. Shin will be back, we’re going to fist fight. I mean, all kinds of complications,” Eggold said laughing. “It’s a fun world for season four!

While the Carrie’s diaries The student noted that she feels that Helen “has been ready for a while” to take the next step with Max, she would never have taken the first step, as he was still in mourning, and maybe still is.

During the finale, the moment Max decides to take off his wedding ring is him making up his mind, Eggold said.

“He’s standing there wondering to himself. Like, am I going to get stuck right now and hold onto this shadow of this relationship that I had, as beautiful as it was, forever? Or am I going to go ahead and be present and look at this amazing person in front of me and move on? ” he said U.S. “So I think, I think it’s time. I think it’s ready. “

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