Challenge’s KellyAnne Judd details illness ahead of ‘All Stars’

Making a powerful return. KellyAnne Judd dominated in The challenge: all stars after nearly five years out of reality TV, so much so that no one would have known she was seriously ill in the years leading up to her appearance.

“I’ve been very sick for a few years,” explained Judd, 35, on Thursday, June 10, podcast episode “Watch With Us: Challenge Edition”. “I have heavy metal poisoning, which is why I was bedridden for almost two years in a row. So, it had started to improve probably six months before we did the show. It hadn’t worked. Every time I tried to move, it would pull on my back because one of the things heavy metal can do is cause inflammation throughout the body. So lifting my arms would be exhausting, just lifting them. “

The real world: Sydney student, who last competed in a season in 2016, added that when Mark Long He called her on All Stars, he knew he wanted to come back. However, it wasn’t easy after not getting out of bed for so long.

KellyAnne Judd The All-Star Challenge
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“I was impressed with myself and I’m so happy I did,” she said, noting that since there was no drama from an original season of The challenge, it was the perfect competition for her. “I was like, ‘I need to get out of this depression that I’m in.’ I think it is much better for adults to do these challenges rather than [people in their] Twenty-somethings, because they don’t even know the monogamy of life yet. “

The ruins The finalist also detailed the lasting effects of her diagnosis, which included memory loss.

“Stress and other things can make things worse” She explained. “It makes you lose your memory. There were times when, like, my brain was trying to tell my hands to move, but my hands weren’t moving for a couple of seconds. It’s really weird. “

Fortunately, he created a great support system, which began even before the filming happened. Many noted his close friendship with Kendal Sheppardbut they didn’t even meet until their 40s. Each cast member could only check one suitcase for free. Judd had two bags due to all the vitamins he was carrying, so Abram boise he offered to check one for her.

“Abram just had a backpack because he is Abram. He was like, ‘Hey, I’ll check someone’s purse for free under my name,’ ”he explained. “He ended up not being able to go due to COVID things, so my bag got lost because it was under Abram’s name. … Kendal calls me in my [hotel] bedroom. I don’t even know how he got my room number. She was like, ‘So you don’t have anything. What do you need? Vitamins This, I have. What do you need?’ And I was like, ‘Wow, how nice that this person is thinking of me when he’s stuck in a crazy room.’ Most people are having a panic attack in this room. I was!”

The KellyAnne Judd Sick Challenge Before All Stars

KellyAnne Judd at the Reality Rushmore: The Challenge Reunion party on June 3, 2021. Shutterstock

As for his future on the show, Judd plans to take a season off, but would love to do more. All the stars – it doesn’t matter who’s there. The Texas native is aware that she is likely to run into an ex or two in another season since she left. Wes bergmann Y Cohutta grindstaff.

“I mean, you never want to challenge an ex, unless it’s, like, super, super good because people always bring them together. You know what I mean? Unless they hate each other, which we don’t, ”the island vet said of Grindstaff. “I went to a cousin’s wedding a few years ago. I was in Montana last year and called him to see if he was around to say hi. He wasn’t, but he gave me some good advice on places to go. We don’t really talk in general, but it’s always good to see old friends. “

While Grindstaff, whom Judd knew during The real world in 2007, he is physically smaller, he doesn’t have many enemies. Bergmann, on the other hand, “pray for haters,” he said before joking, “I didn’t choose the show’s dating scene well. I always went for the personality, but I didn’t think about my game!”

To learn more about Judd, including how he felt about the show only having one winner at the end, listen to the full podcast above. For more exclusive TV news and interviews, subscribe to the podcast “Watch With Us” for free.


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