Morgan Stewart describes symptoms in the middle of a thyroid problem

Spread awareness. Morgan stewart She took to social media to share a recent fight for health that she wants more new moms to know about.

“For the past 9 weeks, I have been feeling completely unwell. At first, I started to notice little things, “Stewart, 33, wrote via Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 9.” I got dizzy if I got up too fast, my calves were especially tense and my right eyes always felt slightly long. “

Stewart explained that she thought that feeling tired and lazy could have been for post-pregnancy reasons. Since she had “no feelings of depression or resistance towards Row or my husband,” she did not pay much attention to her symptoms at the time.

Morgan Stewart Thyrotoxicosis Struggle 2 (Morgan Stewart Thyrotoxicosis 2 Fight)

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“I just thought this was my new ‘normal’ and my new ‘rhythm’ with a newborn,” she added.

But two weeks later, the Daily pop The hostess began to “totally faint”, after a dizziness that made her panic.

“I felt like I had become very small in my own body and was no longer in control of it,” she revealed about the terrifying incident. “We thought it was just a strange fluke since I was a few weeks after delivery.”

Stewart, who welcomed daughter Row with her husband Jordan mcgraw in February, he continued to push away health concerns after the incident and had another scare while driving in May.

“My entire right arm began to go numb and once again I felt myself fading from myself, but much more intensely. I was terrified, ”she said, detailing the incident that caused her to stop. “My arm was not working. It felt heavy to pick up, almost like it belonged to someone else. “

Fight Morgan Stewart Thyrotoxicosis

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While McGraw, 34, was able to help Stewart, he was unable to get rid of symptoms that day.

“I became more and more incoherent. I no longer spoke adequate English nor could I communicate efficiently, ”he clarified in the publication. “I was lost in panic and uncertainty.”

While the Rich kids of Beverly Hills Alum was reviewed by a doctor, the incident was deemed a “strange fluke caused by hormones and perhaps low blood sugar.” The talk show host revealed that the incidents only got worse, which was when she decided to take a blood test to see what was going on.

Stewart returned to work at E! while waiting for his test results, but ended up battling more symptoms while airborne. Fortunately, that same day, Stewart’s doctor was able to give him an update on what his body was dealing with.

“My thyroid is so off the charts on overdrive, it’s basically in outer space. Thyrotoxic was the term he used to describe it, ”Stewart clarified. “We immediately went to her office and she explained that it could be one of three things: a nodule in my thyroid, Graves’ disease, or subacute thyroiditis (all things that can be triggered by pregnancy).”

Stewart confirmed that he had not yet returned to work because he was resting while awaiting a final diagnosis. He also shared that he has had to take “half .25 Xanax” to get through the day.

The California native concluded the post by reminding mothers not to ignore when their body is going through something strange.

“If you’re feeling bad, don’t wait as long as I do to get things checked, especially if you’re a new mom,” she wrote.

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