Tanner Tolbert calls ‘Bachelor’ host picks a ‘train wreck’

Tell us how you really feel! Bachelorette party alum Tanner tolbert has many thoughts about him Single recent franchise hosting choices, and you’re not satisfied.

“I know my opinion doesn’t really matter … but this is turning into a circus,” he said. Bachelor in Paradise winner, 34, wrote in an Instagram story on Wednesday June 9, along with a screenshot of his own tweet about the Beep accommodation advertisement, which includes David spade and various other celebrities who take over Chris Harrison.

Tanner Tolbert criticizes Bachelor's housing options as a 'train wreck'

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He expanded on his thoughts in a series of videos shared in his Stories. “I think that he Single the franchise needs to solve its problem and solve it quickly, ”he said. “Because I think the show is on a slippery slope right now, and as a fan of the show, first and foremost, I want it to continue. But I think this whole host drama is starting to get ridiculous. “

ABC announced Tuesday, June 8, that veteran host Harrison, 49, will not be returning to the franchise, but Tolbert’s comments focused primarily on the Beep invited hosts, which also include Lil jon, Tituss Burgess Y Lance Bass.

“The host doesn’t need to be the star of the show,” he explained. “I don’t need to see comments on every little thing and it’s all a joke. … I don’t tune in to see David Spade handing out appointment cards. It was great at Tommy boy, don’t get me wrong, but I want to look The Bachelor Y High school Y Bachelor in Paradise for drama and for relationships and see how it unfolds on screen. I don’t care about all this planned and planned nonsense “

Throughout his speech, the Missouri native also assured his followers that he was not trying to diminish Kaitlyn bristowe Y Tayshia adams, who made his Bachelorette party presenting debut on Monday, June 7, during the premiere of season 17.

“I thought they brought a lot of energy and had great host skills,” she said of the ex-singles. “This is not if we want Wells [Adams] as host. It’s not about David Spade or Lil Jon. All those people could be excellent hosts. The host just needs to be that. I don’t tune in to see the circus show. “

After appearing in season 11 of High school With Bristowe, 35, Tolbert returned to the Bachelor Nation for season 2 of Beep, where he met his wife, Jade roper. The couple got engaged during the season finale in 2015 and tied the knot in January 2016. They share their 3-year-old daughter Emerson and their 22-month-old sons Brooks and 6-month-old Reed.

“Obviously, [the franchise] it holds a very special place in my heart; that’s how I met my wife and my family started from there, so I care about that and I want the show to last a long time, ”Tolbert continued. “But if you look back at some of the best episodes in the show’s history, Chris Harrison was in just a few of them.”

The former reality star added that she doesn’t think the franchise’s alumni should come back to offer “advice” as often as they do. “I just want to see the contestants, I want to see those relationships, and yeah, if the producers can do a good job and do drama out of nowhere, then yeah, I want to see that too,” he said. “So, I hope the show is successful. I hope it improves because right now it’s a train wreck. “

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on ABC on August 16 at 8 p.m. ET.

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