Jason and Lyla weren’t good together

They will always have Texas. Scott porter doesn’t think Jason Street and Lyla Garrity were meant to be in Friday night lights – even before Tim Riggins’s involvement.

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“I don’t necessarily think they were suitable for each other,” said the Ginny and Georgia actor, 41, exclusively said Us weekly. “I think they were fine for each other’s situation, if that makes any sense. They were perfect for each other when he was the captain of the soccer team and she was the main cheerleader in a city that places so much emphasis and importance on those roles. And once that all fell apart, they were no longer suitable for each other. And the breakdown of that situation allowed them to see that. “

Jason and Lyla (Minka KellyThe relationship began to turn shaky when the quarterback suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. But the high school sweethearts weren’t officially separated until Jason found out that she was cheating with his best friend Riggins, played by Taylor kitsch.

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“I never really felt that the two of them should get back together. She had her own journey to do just like Jason and their friendship remained at the end of it all, “said the Hart of Dixie alum explained to U.S. “And I think that’s important – knowing that you can love someone and have that love more than a relationship to a friendship and still have that person as part of your life. It’s very important, but I think that’s all they were going to be. “

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The Peter berg-Drama created for five seasons from 2006 to 2011. But for Porter, it was much more than a series about soccer.

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“The situation with Jason is very different from any other character I’ve ever played. The common thread in Dillon is that you don’t win by winning games. You win by finding yourself and finding your place in the world. And as much as that program is pseudo-defined by Friday night football, it is more defined by the travels of the characters, “he said. “And that’s why people who don’t love football were still so drawn to that show. And at the end of the day, I think Jason Street won despite everything, despite the injury, despite losing what he thought he was going to be doing for most of the 20 years of his life as a professional football player. NFL. He found a different way. In an unconventional way he fell in love with a woman and became a father. And to see that growth in a character and to see him succeed as a man and as a father, as well as start a successful career as a sports agent, I think, just like [Hart of Dixie’s] George, I think where you last saw him was just the beginning of a fantastic life for him and Erin and their little ones. “

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The show has received critical acclaim over the years, with its gripping and moving first episode unequivocally becoming one of the greatest television pilots ever. In his final moments, Jason is seriously injured on the field and shares a hopeful but heartbreaking moment with coach Taylor (Kyle chandler) next to your hospital bed.

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“We had an incredible staff of writers. We had incredible scripts in front of us, but then we had incredible confidence in ourselves, from everyone at the top. Jason katims, Peter Berg, Jeffrey Reiner. And they allowed us to play in a way that I could never do on any other show, ”recalled Porter. U.S. “I had been through this very lonely start to the show where everyone else was working together and I was isolated in the hospital. It really is the first time that I have interacted with Taylor. And that was wonderful. But really where he’s hyper-focused is after Jason gets injured, he’s lying on the football field. I say two words that were never written and they were, ‘Thank you.’ He thanks the EMT for helping him. And that really brought attention to who Jason was, and then the same thing to Coach Taylor, where he’s there and Jason apologizes to him. I think those two words in that scene, thank you. And then that whole scene where he apologizes for hurting himself really shows you where Jason’s heart was. And it really grabs my attention during the course of the show. “

He added: “Work and be free and watch professionals improvise as Connie [Britton] and Kyle was a great way to start a career. And I look back with the utmost respect and really happy memories of that show. “

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Today, Porter believes that Jason would be “very successful in whatever he sets his mind to.” He explained: “Being an agent keeps you in touch with your past. But as he told Lyla Garrity when he asked her to marry him, ‘I thought he just wanted to go back to the man he was before he injured me. And now I realized that I want to be a bigger man despite the injury. ” And I think that’s what he’s done. “

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