Thomas Markle heard about the birth of granddaughter Lili ‘on the radio’

Speak. Thomas markle I would have been delighted to celebrate the arrival of Meghan Markle Y Prince harrythe daughter, if she had received a personal notification.

“I’m not the type to cry … but it certainly hurts a lot,” said Thomas, 76, during an interview with 60 minutes Australia, which aired on Sunday, June 13. “It is very likely that I will never see my grandchildren.”

Thomas Markle claims he heard about the arrival of granddaughter Lili 'on the radio': 'No phone calls'

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The former lighting director stated that the Suits The 39-year-old student and her 36-year-old husband did not approach him after they welcomed their second daughter, Lilibet “Lili” Diana, on June 4. “There were no phone calls, I just heard it on the radio,” he said. . “I have not spoken to [Meghan] for two days before getting married. “

Meghan and her father have not been on the best of terms since he was caught mounting paparazzi photos shortly before she walked down the aisle in England in May 2018. He announced days before the ceremony that he was unable to attend after suffering. a heart attack. The Northwestern University student was “upset and disturbed by the entire ordeal,” a source said. Us weekly at the time.

Now that the retired actress and the prince have settled in California, Thomas was hopeful that he could reconnect with his daughter. However, he stated that this has not been the case.

Thomas Markle claims he heard about the arrival of granddaughter Lili 'on the radio': 'No phone calls'

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“If I had done something terribly wrong, it would be fine. But I haven’t, ”he said Sunday. “I just want an answer. … Meghan [ghosted] me and now Harry has done it to his father, [Prince Charles]. That’s a cool thing to do. … None of this makes sense. “

Meghan and Harry welcomed their son Archie in May 2019, and at the time, Thomas was “devastated” that he was no longer involved, a source said. U.S. While their tension has yet to be resolved, Meghan’s estranged father still awaits forgiveness.

“I don’t think there is any problem that cannot be solved,” he told the Australian media. “I said I am sorry for the initial problem … [but] I will never lose hope [for reconciliation]. “

The Duchess’s father may not be in her life, but she has been “very grateful” to have her mother’s support, Doria ragland, after giving birth to Lili. “She has been helping around the house and her practical support is a huge asset,” said a source. U.S earlier this month, noting that Harry “adores” his 64-year-old mother-in-law.

The news of Meghan’s second pregnancy broke in February, shortly before the couple sat down for a revealing interview with CBS about their decision to step down from their top royal duties. Harry’s family members haven’t been happy with the couple’s behavior, but Lili could be the one to help bridge the gap.

“Not all is forgiven, but after all the backlash regarding their interviews, which, by the way, the couple have no regrets, they are doing their best to maintain a good relationship with the queen to keep the peace.” , one explained the source after the arrival of the little one.

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