Tayshia Adams on navigating social media speculation about Zac Clark

Bachelor Nation is always cheering on the show’s couples to go all the way … but sometimes, fans take their roles too far. Tayshia adams, who is betrothed to her latest recipient of the rose, Zac clark, open to Us weekly about navigating speculation about their relationship while she helps Katie thurston on the same trip.

“It’s a lot of fun because people have lives outside of social media,” Bachelorette, 30, said season 16 exclusively. U.S ahead of Monday’s June 14 episode of season 17. “And it’s amazing to have the love and support of the Bachelor Nation. Because to be honest with you, we go through it together when we’re all watching the show. However, you have to realize that it is a real relationship behind the scenes. “

Zac Clark reveals why his mother stopped following Tayshia Adams

Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams. Andrew H. Walker / Shutterstock

Tayshia and Zac, 37, got engaged during the December 2020 finale of their season. Earlier this year, the couple accidentally sparked speculation about their relationship when the former phlebotomist was spotted without her diamond Neil Lane and the addiction specialist’s mother unfollowed Tayshia on Instagram.

“I suggested to Katie, like, if you have to separate a bit, do it because you want to do what’s best for yourself in the relationship,” Tayshia said. U.S. And if that means, like, backtracking a bit on social media, then go for it. That’s your relationship, so you just have to put a little limits, nothing bad, just [some] limits.”

Zac, for his part, previously said U.S that the duo are moving forward with the wedding plans, but admitted that there were “some ups and downs” after the bachelorette party.

“Naturally, it’s for all the reasons that people say it shouldn’t work. Because it’s so fast and all that. And I hear that. There are also many reasons why, for me, it works, ”he said. U.S in April. “Because you put down the cell phone, there are no distractions, your conversations are very, like, pointed and structured and you really give yourself, like, for me, I gave myself that opportunity to really explore what love was and what this relationship could be.”

The New Jersey native added that he and Tayshia left the ABC show on a “solid footing” and can ignore rumors and speculation.

“I know that at the end of the day, there is our relationship, her and me, and then there is everything else around her. And if this isn’t solid, which it is, then this stuff can work on its own, ”Zac said at the time. “But it is solid. And at the end of the day, none of those other things really matter. I think you have to be aware and I think you have to acknowledge that it could be difficult … but no, that’s why we have each other to support each other through those difficult times or whatever. “

Meanwhile, Katie is still searching for The One and her journey will continue on Monday’s episode with the help of Tayshia and her co-host. Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘s Date of Big Buckle Brawl.

“It’s a fun group date, guys get dirty and we’re definitely there for that,” Tayshia said. U.S.

Kaitlyn, 35, added: “Whether women or men, they always have to fight for the love of Bachelor or Bachelorette. And I think these guys really enjoy doing that. “

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