Emily Hampshire Reflects On Investing In ‘Therapy’ After Heartbreak

Self love is everything! Emily Hampshire She admitted that investing in herself after the heartbreak made the difficult things worth it.

“I think the good thing about heartbreaks, breakups and things like that is that now I can see in any of them, the amount of therapy I invested in after that transformed me into the person I am today,” he said. Schitt’s cove alum, 39, told Us weekly exclusively. “It was all worth it. You grow.”

Emily Hampshire talks about investing in therapy after self-love with heartbreak

Emily Hampshire. David Fisher / Shutterstock

The actress was previously married to a footballer. Matthew smith. After their separation, she dated a musician and was briefly engaged to him. Teddy geiger. The couple retired in 2019.

Because the COVID-19 quarantine began after their breakup, Hampshire hasn’t had a chance to see how the show’s popularity changed her love life.

“Everybody in the world only started to know our names when there was a pandemic,” he said. “We haven’t really dated much.”

Regardless, the actress is not sure about dating again. She is too busy loving herself.

“I have really gotten into this incredible relationship with myself. I think I may never want to be in a relationship again, “he said. “I am so happy to be. Why would I want to be heartbroken? “

Emily Hampshire talks about investing in therapy after self-love with heartbreak

Emily Hampshire. Delta Faucet

However, if Hampshire decides to re-enter the dating game, you can be sure that he already has his worst date behind him. The Screen Actors Guild award winner recalled a “traumatic” dating experience that took place right after her divorce.

“Before that, I had never dated. He had always just suddenly landed in a 10 year relationship. I was always suddenly in one, “she pointed out, admitting that” I was probably not ready to put [herself] out there ”at the time of date.

Hampshire, who identifies as pansexual, said her mistake was probably “just looking at guys” on Tinder. However, he chose someone who looked “clean and fit for a job and not [like] a serial killer ”to get out. After meeting at a restaurant, the actress’s date told her she looked good, causing her to cry.

“When he hugged me … I basically left like a joker’s face print on his white shirt,” he said, admitting that while it didn’t work out romantically, the duo are friends to this day. “I don’t know if you have it clear, but the worst part of this worst date is me.”

Ultimately, Hampshire knows how to make a statement. That’s why she is a host Delta Faucet Real Life Showroom Event on Wednesday June 16, giving the brand a break from trade shows to present a “live showroom in a real home with a real person.”

The 12 Monkeys student noted that her journey with the taps has been “an amazing thing,” mostly because she had never thought about the taps before getting involved with the company.

“Now I am obsessed with them. And in every house that I enter, in every place that they enter, I am very judicious, ”she said. “I [recently] I bought my first house and that’s when you really start thinking about faucets and light switches and stuff. … I consider myself an expert, [but] the folks at Delta Faucets HQ seem to think it takes like 10,000 hours to do that. “

Be sure to tune in for The Real Life Showroom event on Wednesday at 1pm ET! Register here to make sure you don’t miss out.

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