Erika Jayne’s attorney files motion to withdraw representation

A (not so) pretty mess. Erika jaynelawyer of Peter mastan, wants to remove the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star bankruptcy case, Us weekly You can confirm.

According to documents obtained by U.S, Mastan’s motion was presented on Monday, June 14. His request came after a documentary about Erika, 49, and her estranged husband, Tom girardi, was released titled The housewife and the scammer. The ABC News Originals documentary detailed the ongoing allegations against Tom, 82, and his law firm, Girardi Keese.

Erika Jaynes' attorney withdraws representation after Hulu Doc

Erika Jayne. Gregory Pace / Shutterstock

The former couple was previously accused of embezzling settlement funds intended for victims of families killed on Lion Air Flight 610 in 2018. Tom was criticized for the allegations in December 2020, a month after his spouse nearly 20 years filed for divorce.

Mastan’s new motion will force Erika to find a new attorney. The update also shows that there may be underlying drama in the bankruptcy process.

In the documentary, it was revealed that the “How many F-ks?” The singer, who has not been charged with anything, potentially knew more than she was revealing about her husband’s financial situation.

Erika was listed in one of Tom’s LLCs as his “secretary,” which Law360 introduces to a reporter. Brandon lowrey He noted raises “questions” about “what he knew” and whether he benefited from the situation.

“Tom and Erika, they are caught up in these bankruptcy proceedings,” Lowrey said in the document. “Many of these debts, which are owed in bankruptcy proceedings, [they] We should together possibly. It’s going to be hard for her to say she didn’t know something was going on. “

Last week, the bankruptcy judge gave the bankruptcy administrator the go-ahead to hire another attorney to investigate whether Erika received fraudulent transfers from Tom’s firm. Therefore, Mastan’s decision to drop the case comes at a difficult time.

Tom gave a disposition on his finances in September 2020, where he admitted that he was bankrupt.

“At one point I had about $ 80 million or $ 50 million in cash. That is all gone. I have no money, ”the former lawyer said in a recording of his statement that appears in the documentary.

While the reality star was also supposed to give a statement on her finances in May 2020 and September 2020, her hearing dates have been postponed.

According to Sunny hostin, her defense is that many of the luxury items she owns were “gifts to her” and therefore “separate property” from Tom. “I’m not sure a legal proposal will win the day,” Hostin said in the documentary, which airs on Hulu.

The Broadway actress has not publicly commented on The housewife and the scammer or the decision of his now ex-attorney to drop his case. However, she shared a preview for the Wednesday June 16 episode RHOBH to Instagram on Tuesday, June 15.

The trailer, which caused the “biggest scandal in Housewives story, ”Erika showed dramatically entering the room as her fellow housewives seemed to gossip about her and Tom’s situation.

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