Gus Kenworthy talks about Colton Underwood’s gay journey

New kid in the neighborhood! Gus Kenworthy opened up about his friendship with Colton underwood and revealed how the former bachelor is doing after coming out publicly gay earlier this year.

“He is a very sweet guy. I mean, he’s like a gay baby, “the 29-year-old Olympian said exclusively. Us weekly while promoting your association with CBD wellness company DO. “So it’s actually like a baby in the body of this giant man. In reality, he is just discovering the strings, solving himself. I don’t know, despite what someone might think, he really has the best of intentions and he’s very, very kind. “

The silver medalist, who stars alongside Underwood, 29, in the reality star’s upcoming Netflix documentary series, noted that the pair met before the former soccer player spoke about his sexuality in April.

Gus Kenworthy Calls Pal Colton Underwood Baby Gay After Publicly Dating

Gus Kenworthy and Colton Underwood. Faye Sadou / Media Punch / INSTAR; Shutterstock

“We met about four years ago doing a random podcast in Los Angeles. We met because of that ”, explained the British-American athlete. “And then [we] They really became closer friends in the last six months, filming and everything. “

The freestyle skier noted that their friendship quickly became a topic of conversation once Underwood announced the Good morning america that he’s gay, and some people think they’re more than just friends.

“When he came out, the [new] The show also leaked and took things out of context. He and I got a kind of online heat that I felt was unnecessary. And some of them I don’t even disagree, “he said. U.S, noting that she is not dating Underwood, but that she previously tried to “set him up” with someone, but quickly “failed”. “People had reservations and wanted an explanation of their situation with their ex-girlfriend [Cassie Randolph]. I think it’s totally fair and valid for people to disagree with that. And I think the show will address that. “

Underwood met Randolph, 26, on season 23 of The Bachelor. The Huntington Beach, California, native won the season and continued dating the former NFL player for two years before they left him in May 2020.

When the Indianapolis native sat down with Robin roberts in April, he touched on his past relationship. He explained at the time that he loved Randolph, which made it “more difficult” to accept his sexuality. “I would just say that I feel it from the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry for the pain and emotional stress that I caused, ”she said at the time. “I wish it hadn’t happened the way it did. I wish I had been brave enough to fix myself before I broke someone else. “

Kenworthy said U.S That Underwood’s journey to self-discovery, however, is not something others should judge, even though he is the center of attention.

“It’s not fair for people to be hypercritical of him in terms of his departure, because everyone’s departure was difficult in a way, shape or form,” he said. “Whether they came out very young, whether they were assumed to be gay, whether they were assumed to be straight, each of them has their own difficulties. And I think people often go through that struggle. Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning. And then you get over it and go up the ladder. “

The England-born skier revealed that he thinks “people are too fast to climb the ladder” after someone makes a big statement like Underwood did.

“There are other people who still need help and Colton was one of them and his coming out will definitely inspire other people and help other people,” added Kenworthy. “And the more representation we can have, the better, it just makes it easier.”

The California resident, who came out gay in 2015, also teased what fans can expect to see when Underwood’s show premieres.

“It’s about Colton’s trip, but he talked to a lot of people on the [LGBTQ+] community during his submission process to try to gain perspective and a better understanding of the community he was joining, ”said Kenworthy. And that’s not just me. It’s not just about cisgender white gay men. He spoke to a lot of people and there are people who will play an important role in the show because they had such an impact on it. They are trans people and they are people of color and it’s not just me. “

While Kenworthy and Underwood are just friends, the actor said U.S that your friend is “in the apps” including Tinder and Grinder. It is out. He is single. It’s nice, ”he added.

Kenworthy, for his part, focuses on his current role as BEAM Global Ambassador.

“I think it is incredible that the cannabis plant is being explored more and CBD is such a wonderful thing that it is found in so many products today. But I think BEAM does it better, ”he said. U.S. “They have a sleeping powder and also a capsule that I use almost every night, and I sleep very well when I take it. Sleep is honestly the most important part of training. It’s all your recovery time. It is when your muscles recover, it is when your body rests. I am thankful for the product and the great people at the company. “

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