How Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy Met Her New Boyfriend After The A-Rod Scandal

Desert heat! For the first time, Madison lecroy talked about her instant chemistry with her new boyfriend, and recounted Us weekly exclusively how and when they met.

“Just over two months ago I was visiting Scottsdale, Arizona with a group of my friends for a bachelorette party. He was there for a friend’s birthday party, ”said the 30-year-old stylist on Tuesday June 15.“ I didn’t know him at the moment, but I walk into this bar and we immediately look at each other from across the room. . It was like instant. And I mean you can’t really miss him. … It’s absolutely awesome. “

The Southern charm Star noted that her new love, whose name she is keeping private at the moment, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, so she was able to easily find him at the bar.

Madison LeCroy reveals how she met her new boyfriend if her son approves

Madison LeCroy and her new boyfriend. Courtesy of Madison LeCroy / Instagram

“We instantly look into each other’s eyes and the bride says, ‘Hey, let’s cross the street.’ And I’m thinking in my head, ‘Oh my gosh. Damn, he wanted to talk to that guy, “but I wasn’t going to go near him,” LeCroy recalled, explaining that he decided to wait at the front of the bar while two of the girls in his group went to the public bathroom. “The next thing I knew I saw, like, b-lining [toward me] and I’m talking at a fast pace and I look at my friend like, ‘What is this guy about to do? Like I’m nervous. ‘ Yes, it makes me very nervous. And he comes up to me and says: ‘What’s your name? I have to get you out. I need your number. I have to see you again.'”

The TV personality explained that the number one rule at a bachelorette party is “never break up with the group,” so she had to leave, but not before giving her her number.

“I said, ‘You can get me out, but you’re going to have to take me to Charleston, South Carolina.’ And he says, ‘I’m fine with that. When are you available? ‘”, Told him. U.S, noting that she told him she was free as of Monday or Tuesday after the girls’ trip. “So on Sunday, I fly back to the city, and he sends me a video and says, ‘Charleston is beautiful. Good weather here. And I said, ‘No way, this guy showed up here.’ So they already know me and all of my gays, we started doing background checks and we started recording his number and making sure he’s not a serial killer or anything like that. “

A day later, the couple went on their first date in Charleston and “fell instantly in love,” LeCroy said. U.S, adding: “We were together almost nonstop since then.”

Lovebirds live in separate states, but that hasn’t stopped star Bravo from traveling back and forth to see it in recent months.

“This is definitely the most adult relationship I’ve ever been in and it comes with a level of respect for both parties and he’s actually a man,” LeCroy explained. “He’s 35, so yeah, he has his shit together and he’s very respectful.”

The stylist, who is currently working on the opening of a new salon, revealed that he has already met his family. “He will soon be reunited with my family and has met my son,” she said. “[It’s] it’s going very, very well, and even my ex-husband approves of it ”.

LeCroy shares 8-year-old son Hudson with ex-husband Josh hughes, from whom he separated in 2015 after five years of marriage.

Madison LeCroy reveals how she met her new boyfriend if her son approves

Madison LeCroy with her son. Courtesy of Madison LeCroy / Instagram

“The father of my son knows a lot about him through my son and my son saying that I seem happy and he is very kind to mom, and all these things,” said the businessman. U.S. “One of my favorite things about him was on Mother’s Day, he sent flowers to my house and said they were from my son. Very sweet. So thoughtful. And his family is wonderful too. I’m very excited about this. “

When it comes to her ex boyfriend Austen krollHowever, her new man has yet to meet him. LeCroy exclusively confirmed for U.S In December 2020 that she and the 33-year-old founder of Kings Calling Brewing were no longer together after dating and dating for two years.

“I haven’t had anyone who doesn’t approve of it until now. And this goes with all my friends and everything, ”she added about her new boyfriend, whom she introduced to her Instagram followers earlier this month. “Let’s be honest, from Austen, I never claim [anyone] to be my ‘boyfriend’. If it’s an adventure, it’s an adventure, but yes, I consider it that person. “

After his split from Kroll, LeCroy made headlines for his brief relationship with Jay cutler. The duo linked up in January, but after the reality star apparently shadowed Cutler’s estranged wife, Kristin cavallari, Due to the Lagoon beach the student’s friendship with her ex Kroll, disappeared.

The same month, the South Carolina native was accused of sleeping with a “former MLB player” by her co-star. Craig conover in season 7 Southern charm special reunion. The southern beauty denied the allegations, but later confirmed that Alex Rodriguez It was the man Conover, 32, was referring to.

She argued in February that the couple never got “physical” amid Rodriguez’s engagement to Jennifer Lopez. However, the 45-year-old former Yankees player and the 51-year-old “Jenny From the Block” singer parted ways three months after the scandal broke. Lopez has since moved in with her ex-fiancé. Ben affleck.

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