Jen Shah Files Motion to Dismiss Telemarketing Plan Case

The saga continues. Jen Shah | He has already pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, but is now trying to have the entire case dismissed.

The True Salt Lake City Housewives Star, 47, filed a motion on Monday, June 14, asking the court to dismiss the accusation against him on the grounds of “factual and legal insufficiency” and suppression of evidence. Us weekly You can confirm.

In March, Bravo’s personality was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. According to the indictment, Shah and his assistant, Stuart smith, allegedly sold to victims, many of whom were elderly and did not have a computer, online trading services. Prosecutors said Shah and Stuart later sold their clients’ names to other telemarketers who sold more products to the victims.

RHOSLC's Jen Shah Files Motion to Dismiss Charge Against Her
Courtesy of Jen Shah / Instagram

During his arraignment on April 2, Shah pleaded not guilty to both charges. His trial is scheduled to begin on October 18.

In the new motion filed June 14, Shah’s attorneys said federal prosecutors did not establish that she was intentionally trying to defraud telemarketing clients. Shah’s lawyers also asserted that his post-arrest statements should not be included in the case against him because he made them involuntarily.

“She was in a very vulnerable emotional state due to the combination of strange phone calls she received the morning of her arrest and her history with a convicted felon who had victimized her in New York,” the motion read. “This caused his will to be easily overpowered by [Detective Christopher] Bastos and several affirmative misrepresentations he made to guarantee a waiver of rights. “

According to court documents obtained by U.S, the reality star received a call from “a person who did not identify himself” shortly before his arrest on March 30. This person claimed that her husband, Sharrieff shahHe had told her to call Jen. He then received another call from Bastos, a detective with the New York Police Department, while on his way to film an episode of RHOSLC.

“His first thought and apprehension was that the matter was related to a different matter from the New York Police Department, in which a New York County Supreme Court Justice had granted Ms. Shah an order of protection. permanent against a man who had victimized her, “Jen’s attorneys claimed.

While still on the phone with Jen, Bastos asked her to stop, and when she did, the detective arrived with other officers and arrested her. “Millisecond. At this point, Shah was incredibly confused and emotionally unbalanced by the strange series of events, and believed that she may have been the victim of false identification,” the document continues.

Jen’s attorneys also alleged that although Bastos read aloud her rights to Miranda and gave her a hard copy to sign, she did not know what she was looking at when she signed it.

Although he heard the words Det. Bastos read, Ms. Shah’s contact lenses, which were in her eyes, were dry and she did not have her reading glasses, so her vision was blurry and she could not read the paper in front of her, “added the motion. . “Even while her rights were being read to her, Ms. Shah didn’t know what was going on and still thought it could be a possible misidentification.”

Jen and her attorneys have asked for a date when they can argue the motion in front of the federal judge in New York City.

With reporting by Marjorie Hernandez

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