Katie sends Cody home after fight with Aaron

It’s your life! Katie thurston knew how to handle drama as a contestant on The Bachelor, but being the leader in High school makes things a little more difficult.

Katie kicked off the Monday June 14 episode with a group date in which the men showed her why they were the best lovers. Michael He struggled with the activity since she was a virgin, but ultimately won the contest after he wrote a letter to his future wife detailing his decision to save himself for marriage. Karl He was upset that he didn’t take home the trophy and promised that the group date was lifted. However, Thomas He got over it after he and Katie kissed and discussed their inexplicable connection.

Bachelorette party Katie sends Cody home after Aaron got into a fight with Karl and sparks drama

Aaron struggling in the mud in front of Katie. ABC / Craig Sjodin

Greg then he got the first individual date, during which he and Katie went fishing. She spoke about the importance of being outdoors as she used to go camping with her father, who died in 2012. Greg encouraged her to share her emotions and she revealed that she was comfortable with him. She also disclosed that she wanted to go on a date with someone she believed would go far on the show. Greg later confessed that he lost his father too, and he and Katie were bonded over similar experiences. She gave him a rose and said that she felt like she was falling in love with him.

After two quiet outings, Katie found herself in the middle of the dispute between Aaron Y Cody during their second group date. The two men, who got into a mysterious fight during the June 7 premiere, faced each other in a mud fight, and Katie could feel the tension between them. Aaron won the competition, giving him time alone with Katie, so she asked about his meat. He told her they knew each other from San Diego and Cody’s past actions led him to believe that he was only on the show for fame. He also claimed that Cody was malicious.

Katie confronted Cody at the after party. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied, adding that he didn’t really know Aaron and suggested he was exaggerating. “I’m not like that at all. That’s not factual information. ”Katie believed Cody was lying based on his reaction, so she sent him home, telling him that she didn’t trust him. Andrew S. then he came to see how he was, and they were united by the struggles of his childhood, for which she offered him a rose.

At the cocktail party, Katie asked her suitors to tell her if something was going on in the house. Karl used this as an opportunity to speculate on who might have the wrong intentions and shared his concerns with Katie. When she asked him to give her names or examples, he refused. She then tearfully asked all the men to leave if they weren’t there for her. Karl admitted to his co-stars that he told him to be vigilant, but still refused to name anyone because he wanted to give people a chance to perform. The others, who did not know who he was referring to, scolded him for the manipulative move and the episode ended without a rose ceremony.

High school airs on Mondays from ABC at 8 pm ET.

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