Princess Diana would be in favor of Prince Harry’s move to California

Mothers know what is best. Princess Diana loved her children “passionately” and therefore would be happy for Prince harry Y Meghan MarkleNew life in California, real expert Stewart pearce says exclusively Us weekly.

“I think she would be absolutely delighted [with both boys] because that was his nature. She was not depressed, “said Pearce, who was Diana’s voice coach before her death in 1997, on Tuesday, June 15.” He was a person who loved humor, loved the lightness of life, loved to expand life. “

The Diana, the voice of change The author, whose book is available now, revealed that the late princess had “her eye on a property” in Malibu, California, so Harry’s move to Montecito earlier this year does not surprise him.

Princess Diana would be in favor of Prince Harry's move from California

Princess Diana and Prince Harry. Shutterstock; Tim Rooke / Shutterstock

“She was talking about buying property in Malibu [saying] It would be ‘really cool’ if the guys had the freedom to surf, ”said Pearce. U.S of Diana’s past plans. “Because they’re both very sporty, you know, but they could surf, they could skate, they could frisbee. Then she would be completely in favor. “

The English writer explained that the decision of 36-year-old Harry and his wife to step back as royalty in early 2020 and move to the U.S. is just part of how they have honored the mission of Diana to shake things up in the monarchy and make a difference around the world. .

“They are really taking on a lot of what their legacy is, to bring liberation to the marginalized, the dissociated, the LGBTQ + community, [the] Black lives are important [and] I also [movements]”Said Pearce U.S. “All of this is within the understanding of what liberation she wanted to achieve in the sense of using her position as an egalitarian or humanitarian role, because people saw her as a person of iconic status.”

He added: “[Diana] I wanted to use that position in a really positive way to say, ‘Look, if I can support this, then there is no reason why the collective cannot move in support of this very genuine, authentic holistic process that brings about the release of Spirit. human.'”

The corporate voice and presentation coach noted that the former military pilot’s recent comments about the royal family, while controversial to some, would make his late mother proud.

“I feel, as you know, that their voice is a voice of liberation and they are doing exactly what Diana would have wanted them to do,” Pearce said. U.S. “There is still a lot of discomfort from Harry’s interaction [during his CBS tell-all], moving towards mindfulness and all the mental health issues you are exposing. There is much to the disdain in the collective breakdown that needs to be expressed. Our job is to express it. So we move on our knees. “

Following news in February that Harry and Meghan, 39, would not be returning as active royals, the duo have not been shy about their experiences within the British royal family. In addition to their explosive interview in March, where they claimed that racism in the UK played a role in their move to America, Harry has conducted multiple interviews against his loved ones.

Despite making waves in recent months, the arrival of the couple’s second daughter, Lili, whose first name, Lilibet, is a nod to Queen Elizabeth IIThe nickname from childhood – it can serve as a way to repair some fences in the pond. The little boy’s middle name is Diana for the Princess of Wales.

According to a report by In contact, which U.S He confirmed the details that the 95-year-old queen was one of the “first” people the duo told about Lili’s birth. “She has put the interview drama aside and is delighted to be a great grandmother again,” the source told the outlet after the baby’s arrival on June 4.

An informant told exclusively U.S the same month that “all is not forgiven” amid the couple’s recent remarks, but the Sussexes are “doing everything they can to maintain a good relationship with the queen to keep the peace.”

With reporting by Joe Drake and Molly Mulshine

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