Andy Cohen didn’t think Heather Dubrow would return to ‘RHOC’

Timing is everything. Andy Cohen I thought it was a long shot Heather dubrow would be open to star in season 16 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“It’s just a testimony that everything was done at the right time,” explained Cohen, 53, during the Wednesday June 16 episode. Podcast “The World of Heather Dubrow”. “I think viewers want it, the show is at a crossroads right now, we have to rebuild it. … I think when you left the show you were in a place where you really got over it. You just didn’t like it. “

Andy Cohen didn't think Heather Dubrow would return RHOC Why did she do it

Andy Cohen and Heather Dubrow. MJ Photos / Shutterstock; Joe Kohen / Shutterstock

He added: “It just goes to show that, years later, you might have the perspective to say, ‘You know what? Maybe I can handle this in a different way. ‘ … I love your attitude about the comeback. “

Cohen confessed that he did not believe that the 52-year-old Dubrow would return due to previous conversations they had about the prospect.

“We’d talked a couple years ago about maybe you would come back, and we all said, ‘Well, maybe the time is right, but maybe it really isn’t,’ and personally I felt it was too early. you left, ”the executive producer recalled. “You want to come back when everyone is really excited and excited about it and I think that is the time now. But I just thought, ‘Oh well, there have been people on Twitter for a year who say,’ Well bring back Heather Dubrow, bring back Heather, ‘and then in my mind I thought: What? She’s looking at all these tweets and she’s going to say, “Well fuck you guys. Like, do you want me back now? “‘I was glad you said,’ No, no, no, let’s talk about it and I get it. ‘

Dubrow revealed that the producers approached her about the idea in December 2020, and her initial reaction was to laugh. However, he finally changed his mind.

“Honestly, a year or two ago, I could have said no because [of] What are you talking about. Time is a big issue, but by the time I left, the culture of the show had changed a bit since I joined the show. I think we could agree on that. I was not happy, and I think it was a good mutual decision that maybe my time on the show was over, “he said. “Now, things are a bit different, right? My family is in a different place, my children are a little older, the [coronavirus] The pandemic has given me a different perspective on things. Then I started thinking, ‘Okay, how many times can you go back and try something again?’ ”.

While Dubrow acknowledged that his new experiences on the Bravo series won’t override his previous ones, this time he wanted to take a different approach. “It’s like, ‘If I went back and could do it again, I think I’d have a better time or be more successful if I did this,'” he detailed. “This is not entirely like a rerun, but there is something about being able to go back.”

The reality star disclosed that her children with her husband Terry dubrow – twins Nick and Max, 17, and daughters Kat, 14, and Coco, 10 – also spoke during a “family reunion.”

“They were 100 percent, everyone, everyone,” she said, adding that her children are one of the main reasons she wanted to go back. “It is our version of a normal family that I would like to show the world.”

Heather originally starred in seasons 7-11 The Real Housewives of Orange County from 2012 to 2016. On Tuesday, June 15, it was learned that he will return for season 16, while Kelly dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke Y Elizabeth lyn vargas will come out of the series.

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