Andy Cohen reveals whether Erika Jayne will be fired from ‘RHOBH’

I’m still a homemaker … for now. Andy Cohen spoke about the allegations surrounding Erika jayne and her husband separated, Tom girardi, after the premiere of the documentary The housewife and the scammer.

The 53-year-old executive producer addressed the allegations during the Wednesday June 16 episode of SiriusXM. Andy Cohen Live when a caller asked how the ABC News Originals special would “affect Erika’s future” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Andy Cohen reveals if Erika Jayne will be fired from RHOBH after Doc

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“Well, I don’t know,” Cohen replied. “I don’t think that documentary will affect his future on the show.”

The caller later described how the project was “the first thing I saw as a viewer that made me not want to watch the show or see her on the show, just because seeing her life of opulence, knowing that that money was stolen money, she did. a little gross. “

Cohen, however, questioned the legitimacy of the claims made in the documentary and also admitted that the allegations against Tom, 82, are serious. “I will say the idea that Danielle Dust Y Dana Wilkey are the experts in this documentary about Erika is, at best, questionable. So I realized that I wasn’t going to learn anything new from them about Erika, ”he said. “The Tom Girardi stories continue to be deeply unsettling, and we have to see how this plays out.”

The housewife and the scammer, which premiered earlier this week, included interviews with Tom’s alleged victims, who claim he stole the settlement money after representing them as their attorney. Your former client Joe ruigomez alleged that Tom was “always talking about Erika” when they interacted, calling his now estranged wife, 49, “the sweetest thing.”

Law360 Feature Reporter Brandon lowrey He said Erika’s role as “secretary” for Tom’s Girardi Financial Company raises “questions” about “what she knew, did she benefit from, what she received in that capacity.” Although the reality star has not been charged, the journalist added that “it will be difficult for her to say that she did not know something was going on.”

Us weekly confirmed that Erika’s attorney, Peter mastan, requested on Monday, June 14, to be withdrawn from her bankruptcy case after the publication of the documentary.

The Bravo star filed for divorce from Tom in November 2020 after 20 years of marriage. The following month, the separated couple was sued for alleged embezzlement of funds intended for the families of victims who died in a plane crash in 2018.

Erika claimed in season 11 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trailer, which was released in April, that she “did not” have a notice about the lawsuits against Tom.

“Erika was completely unaware of the very serious allegations that were being made against Tom in court,” an exclusive source said. U.S in December 2020. “Tom always handled all the finances and that’s how they handled things. Erika feels betrayed by Tom because she completely trusted him. “

U.S revealed later that month that the “How many F-ks?” The singer “has been informed about what she can post” about her divorce on the reality show because “legally, there is only one limit she is allowed to say.”

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