Erika ‘was incredibly involved’ in Tom Girardi case, lawyer claims

Erika jayne has made it clear that it is expensive to be her … but at what cost? The attorney who filed the class action lawsuit against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her estranged husband, Tom girardi, has promised to prove his alleged involvement in his misdeeds.

“We believe that we are going to be able to show that Erika was incredibly involved not only with the law firm, but that she also loaned her company tens of millions of dollars to her company.” Jay edelson said in the Podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey” Wednesday June 16. “And we believe that the money came from client funds. And we are going to investigate all that. And all of that is going to be, you know, part of the proof that we showed the jury: that she was knee deep in this fraud and that she can say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know anything about it. And I think it will be difficult to convince a jury of that. “

Lawyer votes prove Erika was incredibly involved Toms Case

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Jay’s company, Edelson PC, claimed in December 2020 that Erika, 49, and Tom, 82, “are on the brink of financial collapse and locked in a downward spiral of mounting debt and dwindling funds,” referring to his divorce as a “sham.” In court documents obtained by Us weekly, the couple, who separated in November 2020, were accused of embezzling settlement money intended for victims of families who died in a plane crash in 2018.

“He was basically taking funds from clients and using them to finance his lifestyle,” Edelson alleged. Kate casey on Wednesday. “And if we succeed [in our case], that means that we can recover all the possessions that she has to pay any type of judgment. So there is no exception to, you know, this is a valuable work of art. I mean, it gets really nasty when you get a lawsuit and someone doesn’t want to pay, you can literally dismiss them and say we want to go through your purse, take possessions out of your purse, you know that’s not the case anymore. yours.”

Edelson added that he believes the possessions in Tom and Erika’s home will be “auctioned” in the future. “I know that is happening with the things in your office,” he said. “Because his office, which was, you know, a sanctuary for Tom Girardi. I don’t know who would buy that. Different things, but they will be auctioned. “

U.S He has reached out to a representative for Erika about Edelson’s claims. While she has remained almost silent about the situation, the singer claimed in the current season’s promotions of RHOBH that she was unaware of Tom’s financial problems. On Tuesday, June 15, it was learned that Erika’s lawyer, Peter Mastan, has filed a motion to be removed from her bankruptcy case, a move that comes days after The housewife and the scammer detailed the accusations against the spouses.

According to the ABC News documentary, the Bravo star was summoned to give a statement on his finances in May 2020 and September 2020, but both dates were postponed. She has yet to be legally charged with anything. Sunny hostin She claimed in the document, which began airing on Hulu on Monday, June 14, that her defense is that many of her luxury possessions were “gifts to her” and “therefore separate property” from Tom. Hostin noted: “I’m not sure a legal proposal will win the day.”

Meanwhile, Tom claimed during a statement in September 2020 that he was bankrupt. The former attorney, who was stripped of his license, has been placed under guardianship after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s earlier this year.

“I’m not a doctor, I don’t know. But what I can tell you is that I found it very convenient, ”Edelson told Casey. “When we published the facts that we uncovered through our research of the kinds of things he was trying to do, during the time he had Alzheimer’s, where he was really conspiring, he was conspiring to protect himself from fraud. He was planning to try to keep as many possessions as possible, he was planning to try to sell his pending cases to other companies. “

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