Hannah Ann Sluss Shows Us Her ‘Beauty Sleep’ Routine – Video

A Bachelor Nation Beauty! Hannah ann sluss invited Us weekly at her Los Angeles apartment, which she calls her “Girl Club” to show U.S how do you get it Sleep beauty on. Season 24 Single the contestant said U.S that her “bachelorette party” is where “everything is pink and fun and anyone can have good memories here with the girls.” To see how the Tennessee native ends up, watch the exclusive video above.

Your cup of tea
“In the afternoons, I usually finish the emails and like to end the evening with some ginger tea. This helps with digestion, “he said. U.S. “Of course I have it in my cute Disney princess mug, but I love doing this because it helps with bloating and it really makes me feel better overall.”

Hannah Ann Sluss Secret Tricks For Full Lips And Extending Your Tan: 'I Promise You Girls!'
Courtesy of Hannah Ann Sluss / Instagram

Delicious lips
“I’ll take a lip scrub, basically anything that’s on sale, and the magic tool for this is this lip scrubber you can find it on Amazon. I use this to scrub dead skin from my lips. I promise you girls, this is the secret trick to full lips, ”he advised. “Makes your lips lush, brushed and highlighted. This has changed the rules of the game. You can buy it on Amazon for a pack of three or four. If I do this in the morning, I will use Cooling lip oil and this has SPF 30. Girls, you should wear SPF on your lips because you can still burn your lips. “

To complete her lip care routine, Sluss showed us her lip mask: “I’m using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’m not kidding, I’m on my fifth bottle. I really like the Berry because it is a little pink as you can see and I will wear it even during the day and it just adds a bit of color, but I have used all of its different colors. My second favorite would have to be the vanilla. It is clearer “.

Travel tip
“I love to use Patchology eye patches. Every time one of my friends FaceTime me at night, I always have eye patches, I leave mine in the fridge and they are nice and cold and it’s the ideal way to end the night, “he said. “It’s also great to take them with you when you’re on the road when you’re on the plane. Whenever I fly, I feel like my eyes get very dry and wrinkled, and this is a tip I use to help with that. “

Hannah Ann Sluss Secret Tricks For Full Lips And Extending Your Tan: 'I Promise You Girls!'

Good advice from Snooki
Wise words from Jersey Shore Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: “I once heard Snooki say, ‘Whenever you put lotion on at night, your tan lasts.’ I love to tan, especially in the summer, whether from the sun or a spray tan, I have always remembered it. And i use Avene body lotion. “

Grandma’s Favorite Beauty Product
“In fact, I use the same cleanser as my grandmother. She hooked me Purity by Philosophy and he always buys me this for my birthday and Christmas, “he said. U.S. “I like this cleanser because it is gentle and works for all skin types.”

Hannah Ann Sluss Secret Tricks For Full Lips And Extending Your Tan: 'I Promise You Girls!'

… And Grandpa’s dream trick
“Another thing I always do to relax is put on deodorant before I go to bed. I know this sounds crazy, but when I was little, my grandfather, my Pop Pop, always told me to make sure I put on deodorant at night because it stays better, ”she recalled. “Absorbs [better.] Then when you wake up and start the morning and you don’t smell. Today i am using Secret. Especially living in Los Angeles, it is very hot and I have been that person who will forget to put on deodorant. So every time I wear it at night, I know that if I forget it, I have a little left. “

Dry skin solution
“From time to time I have battled tinea versicolor. So after taking a shower, I use Head shoulders Anti-dandruff shampoo and Nizoral Dandruff shampoo. I put it on my arms, on my chest, wherever my ringworm is starting to act, ”he explained. “Tinea versicolor is not contagious, but it is a yeast overgrowth and it kills certain parts of the melanin in your body, so sometimes I will have white patches.”

Slumber party
“I wanted to mention my pajamas tonight. They are from Printfresh. They have the cutest pajamas. These have monkeys, how stinking cute, “he showed. U.S. “They always put me in a really good mood by wearing them.”

To learn more about the Sluss Beauty Sleep routine and to see their full list of products, watch the exclusive video above.

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