Kate killed Martin, Mallory saw Kate

Warning: this story contains spoilers for Tuesday, June 15, Cruel summer final.

Throughout the first season of Cruel summer, almost everyone on the show told lies. However, the end of the first season almost revealed everything.

During their court battle, Kate (Olivia holt) was presented as a hostile witness. After stating that Martin (Blake lee) drugged her with a soda and woke up in her basement, she was introduced to the chat room conversation she had with her stepsister, which revealed that she entered Martin’s house on her own. Kate was not only heartbroken to discover her friend’s identity in the chat room, but she was also furious at Jeanette (Chiara auriela) for exposing such a private conversation.

Finally, Kate and Jeanette met face to face to discuss everything that had happened. Kate told Jeanette that she knew she broke in on Christmas Eve 1993. Jeanette admitted that, but added that she never went to the basement, so if Kate knew she was there, she shouldn’t have been in the basement either.

Cruel End Of Summer Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt on the cruel end of summer. Free form

Kate then explained that during that night, she was home alone and called Jamie (Froy Gutierrez), while holding the snowball. That was the choppy message she left on Jamie’s answering machine that she let Jeanette overhear. When Kate heard Jeanette enter, as the public knows, she hid on the second floor. Jeanette finally took the snowball and left, accidentally leaving her necklace behind. Kate then looked out the window and saw Jeanette’s bike; He knew it was hers since she had a card stuck in the steering wheel, the same bike that Jeanette was riding on earlier in the season.

Kate admitted that she did not see Jeanette’s face, so she lied about “maintaining eye contact”. However, since she heard his voice, found her necklace and saw her bike, she was convinced. Once Kate mentioned that the bike had a card on it, Jeanette realized that Kate definitely never saw her face, because that wasn’t her bike – it was Mallory’s (Harley quinn smith).

Mallory showed up at Jeanette’s house after following her up and called her weird. Jeanette gave her the snowball and kicked her out of the house. Mallory likely never returned the snowball to protect Kate, Jeanette told her.

With that, Kate apologized to Jeanette, who asked her the truth about what happened between her and Martin. He explained that they went from being real friends to more before “things escalated to a really dark place.” He said there was a part he couldn’t remember, so he wanted to go back to the basement to find out.

Harley Quinn Smith Cruel End of Summer

Harley Quinn Smith in Cruel Summer. Free form

Coming down, he saw a pool of blood and remembered it all: Martin came down the day before the rescue and told him that the police had arrived, and that it was only a matter of time until they returned. In his hand was Annabelle, a pistol that had belonged to his father, the same pistol his father used to kill himself.

He first aimed the pistol at his head, but was unable to pull the trigger. He threw the gun to the ground and screamed before Kate picked it up and finally fired at him. She stayed with him on the ground all night and called the police the next morning.

After remembering it all, Kate shared it with Jeanette and told her that she should go ahead with the lawsuit and take her money. Jeanette, in turn, said it wasn’t about money, it was just about wanting that feeling – feeling popular, beautiful, and enough.

After their conversation, Kate told the press that while she was abducted, Jeanette never saw her and was also a “victim.”

Before the end of the episode, Kate confronted Mallory about seeing her. Mallory explained that he never saw Kate’s face that night, but he did see a blonde woman from behind.

“I saw a woman living freely, not in the basement. I thought it was Martin Harris’s girlfriend or sister or something like that, ”Mallory explained through tears. “It didn’t make sense for a missing girl to be in the room making a call. Never in a million years did I imagine it to be you. I didn’t really think about it much until I saw your rescue on the news. So the world just thought you were ever in the basement. Telling my secret meant telling yours too. So I put it down to being none of my business and then we became friends. “

Cruel Summer End Jeanette

Chiara Aurelia on the cruel end of summer. Free form

With that, Mallory said she was leaving town, but Kate didn’t want that and took her to hug her. While best friends went on to live happy lives, and even shared a kiss on the street! – Jeanette was also free. She went on the Marsha Bailey show, dressed very much like Kate, headband and all, and said she forgives Kate. He was finally in the limelight as he wanted.

In the final moments, a 1994 flashback revealed that Jeanette broke into Martin’s house on another occasion as well. When he was there, he heard Kate in the basement, who yelled, “Martin? Is there someone? If anyone can hear me, it’s Kate Wallis. Can you hear? Martin has me locked up here, please help me. Please help. Anyone there?”

Jeanette, with a smile on her face, did nothing.

Freeform has renewed Cruel summer for a second season.

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