What I learned from Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy

Johnny and Moira Rose are more than just a collection of stellar wigs and a defunct video store. Emily Hampshire, who recently partnered with Delta Faucet Real Life Showroom, shared what he learned from his Schitt’s cove co-stars Catherine O’Hara Y Eugene levy during his six seasons with acting veterans. Watch the video above to hear what the actress, who played Stevie Budd on the show, misses the most about the set and what advice she took with her.

“I worked with Catherine before doing it Schitt’s cove. I remember years after working together, I asked him to help me, if he wrote me a letter to apply for my visa, ”recalled Hampshire, 39, exclusively to Us weekly. “I thought I had to write, like, ‘You probably don’t remember me,’ and she was, right away, so warm and charming.”

O’Hara’s warmth continued when Hampshire began working with her and Levy, 74, on the Canadian set of Schitt’s cove in 2014.

Emily Hampshire What I Learned from Catherine OHara Eugene Levy

Emily Hampshire, Catherine OHara, and Eugene Levy. Shutterstock; Steve Wilkie / Cbc / ITV / Kobal / Shutterstock

“When we were in Schitt’s cove, Eugene and Catherine were the people who [would say] if you allowed someone to give you coffee, instead of bringing coffee to the whole crew, you were a diva, “he explained. “They are good people. I have found that in my career, the best of the best are really good people. So, I take that off because they were also very generous to us. “

Despite the vast experience that O’Hara, 67, and Levy brought with them, Hampshire said they treated everyone equally.

“It was Annie [Murphy’s] First big show and they treated us all as equals. We all collaborate together on the same level. There was no hierarchy, which is rare on a show, “he said. U.S. “They have every right to be the king of the castle. It was I never like that. That’s definitely what I’m taking with me, his work ethic. “

As for what she misses most about the program, the Canadian replied: “The people. We really like each other a lot. “

The 12 monkeys The actress took home some of her favorite accessories when the show ended.

Emily Hampshire What I Learned from Catherine OHara Eugene Levy

Emily Hampshire. DELTA TAP

Stevie sits behind a desk and behind her is a giant painting of a deer. I put it in my 500-square-foot condo in Toronto and it basically takes up the entire space, ”he said. U.S. “I also took a lot of little things like the book Mr. Rose gave me, signed. I took the comment cards. I took the makeup kit that he gave me for my birthday. I’m going to start crying. I took my Tamagotchi, my dead Tamagotchi. “

While he misses the set, he didn’t lose it enough to make an offer on the Rosebud Motel when it was up for sale for $ 1.6 million in March 2021.

“Annie and I texted each other and said, ‘That bakery next door is great,’” she laughed. “But we also know that although it seems that Schitt’s cove motel outside, so as not to belittle that beauty, whatever she was, but inside it looked like a boys’ locker room. I don’t know, good luck to someone else. “

Hampshire partnered with Delta Faucet to help host its first real-life showroom on June 16.

“All of a sudden I started learning about these taps and now I am obsessed with them. And in every house that I walk into, in every place that they walk into, I am very judicious with the tap. I also recently bought my first house and that’s when you really start thinking about taps, light switches and stuff, “he said. “So, it will be like this live broadcast. We will show all the new products. “

Tune in The Real Life Showroom event Wednesday, June 16 at 1 p.m. ET.

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