Desiree Hartsock reviews Brooks’s ‘Bachelorette’ breakup in new book

The most dramatic Single break in history? Eight years after finding love with her husband. Chris siegfried in season 9 of High school, Desiree Hartsock he’s reflecting on his journey, including his split with the fan-favorite Brooks forester – in your new book, The way to the roses.

The Bachelor Nation will recall that the now 35-year-old bridal designer was devastated when Forester, now 37, dropped out of the race after reaching the final three of her 2013 season. In her memoirs, which are available Tuesday June 22, Hartsock noted that he mistook Forester’s “compliments” for “communication.”

Bachelorette Des Hartsock brings back Brooks Breakup's new book

Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester. Charles Sykes / Invision / AP / Shutterstock; ABC / Craig Sjodin

“I think that’s just because I didn’t grow up in a communicative family and, like, if someone says something nice, I was like, ‘Oh, they really like me,'” Hartsock said exclusively. Us weekly while promoting his new book. “I think it’s important to know if only they talk and are charming or if they really like you. Because I think that, as women and men, we tend to overthink things. [and] also do things [into] what they are not when you like someone. “

While Hartsock was able to overcome the separation from Forester and became engaged to Siegfried, now 35, in the final, she was bombarded with viewers who accused her of settling for the former baseball player after her proposal aired.

“It follows me forever,” Hartsock said. U.S of the narrative that he “settled” with Siegfried. “I think now more than ever, I feel so comfortable with it because I can look back and give myself a lot more grace and I can look back and be, like, in those pieces of my confusion, there was a purpose. And now more than ever, I can sit here and just say, this is what happened and it’s okay that it happened because now I am here, where I am, grown from that. And, hopefully, you can help other people overcome heartbreak and rejection. “

The Single The season 17 alum added that “it feels good to reopen it” and write about her experience from “a place of healing and a place of trust.”

Hartsock and Siegfried, who married in 2015, share two children: Asher, 4, and Zander, 2.

“Chris was a little pushed under the rug, so people couldn’t really see how strong our connection really was. I know there were people who did it, but, you know, Brooks overshadowed all of that, ”Hartsock said. U.S, noting that she wants viewers to see more of her relationship with her now-husband on the show. “Chris got the edit from being super romantic with his poems, but he’s also super fun and quirky. I’d like some of that to show like, you know, I didn’t fall in love just because of the poems. He’s a cool guy and a lot of fun. “

Bachelorette Des Hartsock brings back Brooks Breakup's new book
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Despite some viewers doubting their romance at the time, the author said U.S that Siegfried never bothered to make it work after the show.

“It’s so amazing. And I think this is also a testament to why we were able to continue, and what could be good for other couples, is that he was so capable of compartmentalizing, ”explained Hartsock. “So even throughout the show, he might say, ‘This is my relationship with Des, this is my relationship with the guys, and this is his relationship with the other guys.’ He never mixed any of that. I don’t know how that is impossible for me. I’m like an emotional mess. So even after the show, he just didn’t care to be honest, which was very helpful. “

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