Lisa Vanderpump slaps ‘RHOBH’ cast for silencing Erika Jayne

Double standard? Next Erika jaynerecent legal troubles, many fans wonder why his Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the co-stars have gone silent – and Lisa vanderpump do you agree.

One Twitter user pointed out the problem on Wednesday June 16 and wrote: “Where is the outrage ???? Kyle, Rinna, Dorit, Teddi have vilified Lisa Vanderpump for something she DIDN’T DO for 3 years going on talk shows, podcasts, interviews, RHOBH, but when it comes to Erika stealing / withholding funds from victims, spending them on glamor , they are SILENT !!! “

Lisa Vanderpump Shades RHOBH fell silent on the Erika Jayne scandal

Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Jayne. Shutterstock (2)

“It’s really unbelievable,” Vanderpump, 60, responded the next day.

The restorer left RHOBH in 2019 following a tumultuous feud with his co-stars in season 9. After his Vanderpump Dogs staff member John blizzard revealed to Kyle richards Y Teddi mellencamp what Dorit kemsleyThe former adopted puppy ended up in a slaughterhouse, Vanderpump was accused of organizing the controversy.

Richards, 52, later questioned whether Vanderpump played a role in leaking the story about the dog to the press, resulting in a heated argument among former friends. Vanderpump did not film scenes with her. RHOBH co-stars after the explosive fallout and later did not return for season 10 of the reality show.

After Vanderpump’s time on the Bravo series came to a dramatic conclusion, Lisa rinna claimed that the season 9 scandal was created for the Vanderpump dogs spinoff show.

“I am a scammer. I don’t worry about it. I think you get paid for what you do. So my feeling is that if we are really servicing a spin-off, we should get paid for it, “Rinna, 57, wrote in an Instagram story in March 2019.” I am very happy that we all use this platform for makeup lines, swimwear lines, network TV shows, restaurants, [charities], clothing lines, fitness empires, you name it. I support these women 100 percent. “

She added: “But if you are going to use our services without telling us, that we are developing a story to launch a pilot for a new show and you are not compensating us extra for that, yes, I am a scammer.” . They pay me for what I do. So if this turns into another show, my attorney will call. “

Vanderpump, for his part, explained earlier this year that his departure had a lot to do with wanting a fresh start.

“I left because I was very, very, very unhappy and didn’t appreciate being called a liar,” she said. Us weekly during a March episode of the “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “Accusing me of selling a story, when stories never come out of my restaurants, you know, it was an insult to me. It was about my heart, it was about the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which was something that was born out of complete compassion and my passion project. I just thought, ‘I’m done.’

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Most Memorable TV Spin-offs for Years

The real housewives of Beverly Hills. Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Before season 11 of RHOBH Released in May, Jayne, 49, filed for divorce from Tom girardi in November 2020 after more than 20 years of marriage. A month later, the separated spouses were charged with stealing settlement funds intended for the families of victims who died in a plane crash in 2018.

While the Georgia native’s co-stars shared their thoughts and offered support amid their shocking divorce, the cast has been mostly silent following the release of The housewife and the scammer. The ABC news documentary covers Girardi’s legal troubles and questions the question “How many f-ks?” possible participation of the singer.

“I mean, you know, it’s obviously a tough time,” Richards said. Access Hollywood Wednesday after the 82-year-old attorney’s alleged victims shared their stories in the documentary. “But she’s fine.”

Jayne has yet to face legal charges amid the drama, leading many to believe her future at Bravo is secure for now.

“I don’t think the documentary will affect his future on the show.” Andy Cohen said Wednesday during SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. “I will say the idea that Danielle Dust Y Dana Wilkey are the experts in this documentary about Erika is, at best, questionable. So I realized that I wasn’t going to learn anything new from them about Erika. “

Cohen, 53, added: “Tom Girardi’s stories continue to be deeply disturbing, and we have to see how this unfolds.”

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