Amit Shah said, ‘Need to strengthen our official language’ – Amit Shah said, ‘Need to strengthen our official language’

Varanasi: Home Minister Amit Shah said that there is no contradiction between Hindi and all our local languages. He said that I use Hindi language more than Gujarati. We need to strengthen our official language further.

Home Minister Amit Shah was addressing the All India Official Language Conference at Hastkala Sankul in Varanasi on Saturday. Said that under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, I would like to call upon all the people of the country that one of our goals for self-language, which we had missed, we should remember it and make it a part of our life. Said that it should be resolved that Hindi should have a global form. I am also not a Hindi speaker, my mother tongue is Gujarati. I don’t mind speaking Gujarati. But, I use Hindi more than Gujarati. It is the responsibility of the Department of Official Language to develop the local language also. Kashi has always been the capital of learning. Kashi is a cultural city. The history of the country cannot be seen separately from Kashi. Kashi is the gomukh of languages. Hindi is born in Kashi.

The Home Minister said that earlier attempts were made to create many controversies for the Hindi language, but that time has now ended. Prime Minister Modi has worked with pride to replace our languages ​​across the world. Said that the country which loses its language, that country also loses its civilization, culture and its original thinking. Countries that lose their original thinking cannot contribute to the progress of the world. India has the largest number of spoken script languages ​​in the world. We have to take them forward.

He said that Hindi is the use of alphabets, that is, which can never be eroded. Parents are requested to speak in their own language. The richer the language, the stronger the culture. I am appealing to the youth to take pride in speaking in Hindi.

He said that the stronger and richer the language, the more the culture and civilization would be wide and strong. I would like to say with pride that today there is not even a single file in the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is written or read in English, we have completely accepted the official language. Many departments are also moving in this direction.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the first conference after independence is being held here. The medium of expression of God is our mother tongue. It has been 75 years since the first Hindi conference took place outside the capital. Tulsi Das composed Ramcharit Manas which was written in Awadhi language with the inspiration of Shiva. Today Ramcharit Manas will be kept in every house. When we went to the village of Mauritius, I saw that Ramcharit Manas is present in their homes. They worship him even today.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 6:16 p.m.


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