Azamgarh was identified as a bastion of terror in the earlier governments: CM Yogi

Azamgarh. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Union Home Minister Amit Shah jointly laid the foundation stone of the state university on Saturday. During the public meeting organized during this, Chief Minister Yogi said that the State University will end the identity crisis of Azamgarh. So Azamgarh will be made Aryamgarh there. CM Yogi said that before 2014, the people of Azamgarh did not get any room outside. Azamgarh was the main reason behind this, but now it is not so. Yogi said that now Azamgarh is not called the stronghold of terror.

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On this occasion, CM Yogi said that the state university will completely end the identity crisis of Azamgarh. He said that the government built an expressway for the development of Azamgarh. This express will form the backbone in the development of Azamgarh. Airport work has also been completed 95 percent, soon the flight from Azamgarh Airport will also start.

He said that there was a time when Azamgarh was recognized as a stronghold of terror. The previous governments did the work of promoting casteism, familyism and appeasementism, but our government worked to advance the schemes of public interest. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his schemes were successfully implemented in the state.

CM Yogi said that free ration was distributed to the poor for five months in 2020 and eight months in 2021. The previous government used to black-market this ration and send it to Bangladesh. We have given government jobs to 4.5 lakhs and contract jobs to 3 lakhs. This young man who got the job is not from the family of me, Modi or Shah.

Taunt on SP chief Akhilesh Yadav

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a jibe at SP chief and Azamgarh MP Akhilesh Yadav during the public meeting. Said that AAP MPs did not come among you during the Corona period, but as soon as the time of elections is coming, they have started appearing. It is said that Azamgarh is our work area. This is where I was attacked in 2007. Ajit Rai was murdered in Shibli PG College because he had demanded to sing Vande Mataram on Republic Day. He was a member of the student council. All this happened in the previous government, but in today’s government no one has the courage to do so.


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