Global cases of corona increased to 25.24 crores – Global cases of corona increased to 25.24 crores

Washington: The global cases of corona have increased to 25.24 crores. The death toll from this epidemic has increased to 50.8 lakh. At the same time 7.41 billion people have been vaccinated. These figures were shared by Johns Hopkins University. In its latest update on Saturday morning, the university’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global cases, death toll and total number of vaccine cases have risen to 252,445,139, 5,087,398 and 7,412,265,893 respectively.

According to the CSSE, the US remains the most affected country by this pandemic with 46,976,314 cases and 761,715 deaths.

India ranks second in terms of infection with 34,414,186 cases and Brazil with 21,939,196 infections.

Other most affected countries with more than 3 million cases are UK (9,534,544), Russia (8,843,238), Turkey (8,365,929), France (7,362,807), Iran (6,027,269), Argentina (5,302,445), Spain (5,042,803), Colombia (5,024,263) . , Italy (4,835,435), Germany (4,974,433), Indonesia (4,249,758), Mexico (3,834,815), Ukraine (3,328,934) and Poland (3,175,769).

Due to this epidemic, the countries where more than one lakh people have died, Brazil (610,491), India (462,690), Mexico (290,374), Russia (248,203), Peru (200,532), Indonesia (143,608), UK (143,116), Italy (132,618), Colombia (127,680), Iran (127,918), France (119,069) and Argentina (116,209) are included.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 6 p.m.


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