I love Kangana Ranaut’s acting: Paralympic silver medalist Yogesh Kathunia, watch exclusive interview

New Delhi: Paralympic silver medalist Yogesh Kathunia was awarded the Arjuna Award by President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday. Kathunia won the silver medal in the discus throw F56 event in the men’s category at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020 with a time of 44.38m in discus throw.

In an exclusive conversation with News24, Yogesh Kathuniya shared that he likes National Award winner and Padma Shri Kangana Ranaut as an actor. Further, Yogesh shared that he will work hard to secure a gold medal at the Paris Paralympics.

Let us know what Arjuna Award winner Yogesh Kathunya wants to achieve in his life, in his own words:

Did you expect to get a silver medal in the Paralympics and then the Arjuna Award?

No, to be honest, I didn’t expect that. At first I was already thrilled to get the silver medal and then the nomination for the Arjuna Award increased my happiness manifold. The day the final list of award winners was announced was a big day for me.

What was your inspiration for going to the Paralympics?

When I started in 2017, I didn’t anticipate winning a medal at the Paralympics. Because Paralympics comes in four years, and every athlete dreams of winning a medal at this level. So, I had decided to win the medal no matter what.

To whom would you give credit for your success?

My family, who always supported me in moving forward, my coach and my team helped me a lot to get where I am today.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey to the Paralympic silver medal?

I had to struggle a lot financially in my initial days because our background was not very strong. Slowly, when I entered the TOP scheme in 2019, things started getting better.

What kind of changes have you seen in your life after winning the medal?

Wherever I go people recognize me, they respect me and I am very happy about that. This time the Paralympic players got the same respect as the Olympic players, which was a good thing.

Over the years, it has come to notice that the Paralympics are accorded the same status as the Olympics. What do you feel about that?

I think change is happening. Earlier people did not know about Paralympics, if we look at 2016. And now, when we tell people that we are Paralympic players and they recognize us, that’s a good thing.

What other sports do you play or watch?

I watch and play basketball too. But I didn’t play much because of my physical problems, but I enjoy watching sports a lot.

do you watch movies?

Yes, I like to watch movies.

What kind of cinema do you like?

I usually watch netflix. I love both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Which is your favorite film?

There are many movies that I love, but ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is my favorite.

Which actress’s acting do you like the most in Bollywood?

I like Kangana Ranaut.

What are your plans regarding marriage?

First I am focusing on the world record and then I will think about marriage.

How are you preparing for the next Paris Olympics?

For now, I was resting due to the many events I attended. But I will be regular from now on. Three years are left, so I will do my best for the gold medal.

What are the other goals you would like to achieve?

I have achieved most things in life, but my longing for a gold medal in the Olympics is still there.

What message would you like to give after winning the Arjuna Award?

slug it out. You will only get what you want. If you work hard consistently, you will get name, fame and the best of your game.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 6:30 p.m.



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