Loved Jai Bhim Here 10 Multilingual Films On Real-Life Incidents That Deserve Your Time

Films On Real-Life Incidents: Based on a large part of the life of Justice K Chandru, appointed to the Madras High Court, ‘Jai Bheem’ is an eye-opener for the audience, a society that has often overlooked obvious cases of caste division and corruption. ‘Jai Bheem’ is based on the 1993 Cuddalore incident, where Rajkannu, a member of the Kurumbar tribal community, was falsely accused of theft. He was imprisoned by the police officers.

If you liked the movie Jai Bhim, then these 5 movies based on real life will entertain you a lot.

Asuran: Asuran Vekkai was based on the novel, which is based on a real incident in Keezhavenmani, Tamil Nadu. According to media reports, the real incident took place in Keezhavenmani. The film revolves around the son of a poor caste farmer who kills a rich, upper caste landowner.

RajannaReleased in the year 2011, it is a Telugu language period action film written and directed by KV Vijayendra Prasad. The film was inspired by the Razakar movement and freedom fighter Sudala Hanmanthu.

VirusReleased in the year 2019, the film was an Indian Malayalam-language medical thriller film co-produced and directed by Aashiq Abu. The film was set against the backdrop of the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala.

Kalloori: There was a drama based on a college story in Tamil language. The film was inspired by the real lives of three agricultural university college girls in Tamil Nadu who were burnt alive in the 2000 Dharmapuri bus burning incident.

Theran Adigaram ondru: Theran Adhigaaram was based on a carefully planned operation by the Ondru Tamil Nadu Police, which led to the killing of two members in Uttar Pradesh and the arrest of some of the deadly Bavaria criminal tribesmen. ‘Operation Bavaria’ was launched in 2005 as a reaction to the murder of AIADMK Gummidipondi MLA Sudarsanam and armed dacoits creating chaos in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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