MP: 16-year-old girl gang-raped, blackmailed by minor-MP: 16-year-old girl gang-raped, threatened with death

Gwalior: A shameful case has come to light from Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh. Here a 16-year-old girl student, identified with her, has gang-raped along with her brother-in-law, two friends. The incident is of April 2021 in Noorganj Seva Nagar. At that time, due to fear and slander, the victim student remained silent, but now the accused started calling her by blackmailing and defaming her when she protested.

Upset, the girl informed her mother about the matter. After this she reached Gwalior police station with family and complained. Police has got the minor medical done. Along with this, a case of gang rape has been registered against the four accused. After searching for the police accused, two accused have been arrested by the police, the remaining 2 are still absconding.

Actually, a 16-year-old resident of Seva Nagar Noorganj Mohalla in suburban Gwalior is a 10th class student. In April 2021, when Kovid was at its peak, there was a lockdown. One day in the evening, the one who corrected the chain of cloth bags came out from the street making a sound. The student had to get the chain of one of her jackets corrected. When he saw, the hawker had reached the nearby street. When she reached here, she found a friend of hers, Anil Yadav.

He told that his aunt lives nearby in Noorganj. The chain corrector has gone there, after which he took the student with him to his aunt’s house. When the student reached there, Anil’s brother-in-law Sher Singh Meena resident of Bharatpur Rajasthan, two friends Lalu alias Devisingh Jatav, Neeraj Jatav resident of Sewa Nagar were standing inside. Forcibly took off the clothes of the girl student in the room and firstly she was raped by Sher Singh Rana, after which Anil Yadav and his two friends raped her. Not only this, after raping, he left saying that if he told anything to anyone, he would kill him.

After this incident, the minor was very scared, as well as fear of slander, he did not say anything to anyone at home and remained silent. This increased the courage of the accused. The accused now started blackmailing her. She started calling to call the minor again to her room, which got her nervous. When he refused to come, he started defaming her, due to which she was very hurt and she mentioned the matter to her mother, on which the mother informed the whole incident to the girl’s father and reached Gwalior police station on Saturday. The girl’s family members complained about the incident to the police. After which the police registered a case of gang-rape and arrested 2 accused as well as started the search for 2 other accused.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 5:49 p.m.


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