MP: Sarpanch’s sons openly bullied, former Mehgaon district president assaulted in court premises

Bhind: A video is going viral from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, in which a youth along with one of his companions is seen assaulting a person in shoes and sticks. It can be clearly heard in the video that how he is talking about taking out the procession of that person.

The whole matter is of Mehgaon area of ​​the district, where the husband of the former district president was beaten up with shoes and sticks by the son of the sarpanch along with his fellow goon. This game of hooliganism took place in Mehgaon Court. The victim had filed RTI in the Gram Panchayat Saina regarding the corruption in MNREGA works. At the same time, the police has registered a cross case against both the parties.

why the ruckus

In fact, there was a ruckus in Mehgaon court of Bhind when Saroj Solanki, the sarpanch of Saina Panchayat, the husband of former district president Pratibha Jadaun of Mehgaon, who filed an RTI against the sarpanch of MNREGA works, Congress leader and former district panchayat member Bhupat Singh Jadaun. Mehgaon had reached the court to make an affidavit. At the same time, Suraj Solanki, son of Saina Sarpanch, along with one of his goon accomplice Mukesh, abusing him mercilessly with shoes and sticks.

In the midst of all this uproar, apart from a few people, no one was seen to intervene. Accused Suraj and his accomplices beat up Bhupat Jadaun one by one, and he was also seen telling the victim to take out the procession in the entire Mahgaon. This entire incident was captured by someone present in the court in his mobile camera and made it viral on social media.

At the same time, a cross case has been registered in the police on both the sides in the whole matter. Mehgaon police station in-charge says that, there was a dispute between both the parties in the Kacheri regarding the work of Sarpanchi, after which both the parties came to the police station. Meanwhile, in the police station premises, Bhupat Singh Jadaun’s brother hit Suraj alias Bholu Solanki with a bike and abused him, after which cross cases have been registered on the written application of both the parties, as well as the medical of both was done and video Whatever evidence is there, action is being taken by collecting them.

How did this ruckus begin?

It is worth noting that Bhupat Jadaun is an RTI activist, he had filed an ITI against the Sarpanch of Saina Gram Panchayat regarding MNREGA works, in which he excavated with machines and many such people who did not work in MNREGA and took out in the name of many dead people. Corruption regarding the amount spent has been exposed, due to which the son of Saroj Solanki, the female sarpanch of Saina village, along with another goon, beat him up.

Bhupat Singh Jadaun has exposed the scams worth crores of MNREGA in many gram panchayats by applying RTI. At the same time, the victim says that when they reached the police station to complain, they were locked in the lockup. Pawan Singh alleges that the power of the sarpanch sons, who are doing hooliganism in this whole matter, is also fully supporting and efforts are being made to dilute the incident with the activist who saved the government’s money.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 1:38 p.m.


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