Only iPhone owners will be able to see and read the content of the screen, new technology is being brought

New Delhi. If you have doubts while using the phone that someone is secretly keeping an eye on your activity that what you are watching and reading in the phone, then there is no need to take tension now, Apple has found a solution. Is. Actually, Apple has filed a new patent which shows a very special feature of the iPhone. This special feature will only allow the iPhone owner to see the content on the screen, although all this will be done with the help of special glasses.

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Apple’s patent calls this feature “privacy eyewear” and defines it as a system that can display “vision-corrected graphical output and standard graphical output on an electronic device.” This feature would have proved to be extremely beneficial for people who try to hide their WhatsApp chats, mails and even movies on their iPhone screen in public places or metro trains.


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