Rakhi Sawant targeted Kangana, made fun of the actress like this on her statement of independence. Rakhi Sawant targeted Kangana, mocked the actress like this on her independence statement

New Delhi. Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant is very fond of giving her opinion on every issue. Every day she gives her opinion on the things of others, in this episode she has surrounded Kangana for one of her statements. Actually, Panga girl Kangana Ranaut recently gave a controversial statement during an interview regarding the freedom she got from the British.

After which the actress is being opposed everywhere and cases have also been registered against her in many places. Kangana has said in her statement that “the freedom I got in 1947 was not begging and the freedom I got in 2014”. After this statement, as if there was an uproar. People have expressed their displeasure by reacting against them in their own style. In such a situation, where was the Controversial Queen Rakhi Sawant going to be behind.

He too gave his reaction against Kangana using the social media platform. Rakhi has shared an edited video on Instagram. This video is of Kangana Ranaut and that program itself, where she gave this controversial statement about independence. But in this video, Kangana’s voice has been edited and the sound of dog barking has been added from behind. Along with sharing this video, Rakhi has written in the caption – ‘Desh ki traitor hai didi’.

Now different types of reactions have started being received on this video of Rakhi Sawant. Some are blaming Rakhi Sawant for insulting Kangana like this, while some are praising her. Obviously, the fans of both Kangana and Rakhi are standing in front of each other. The video is becoming increasingly viral.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 4:40 p.m.

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