Sapna Choudhary shared a funny video with her husband, Desi Queen rocked the fields. Sapna Choudhary shared a funny video with her husband, Desi Queen rocked the fields

Rishabh Pandey, Mumbai. Haryanvi Singer and Dancer Sapna Choudhary rules the hearts of fans with her captivating performances. She always remains the subject of discussion among fans for some reason or the other. Sapna, who has broken the hearts of crores of people through her dance moves, does not need any identity today. His fans are present not only in Haryana but all over the country.

Sapna stays connected with her fans on social media. He is seen interacting with his fans through social media. Recently, Sapna has shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she is seen in the middle of a field. Her husband Veer Sahu is also seen with her in this video.

In this video, Veer Sahu is seen running his horse in the field. The same Sapna Chaudhary is making her video. While sharing this video, Sapna wrote in the caption – Yeh Khet, Yeh Sand, Yeh Nazare and Hum…”. With this, she has also tagged her husband Veer Sahu. In the video, Sapna’s desi style is being seen. .

In the last few days, many music videos of Sapna have also been released. Those who have been well-liked, recently Sapna’s Haryanvi song ‘Patli Qamar’ has been released. In which she is seen opposite Vivek Raghav. Apart from music videos, Sapna has also been seen in lead roles in many Haryanvi films.

first published:Nov. 13, 2021, 6:29 p.m.

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