Shakun Shastra: Know the effect of omens and bad omens like this, recognize these signs which will give benefit

Scripture: In our ancient religious texts, there is a comprehensive explanation on every aspect related to the lifestyle. The idea of ​​auspicious and inauspicious has been explained in detail in Shakun Shastra. In India, bird science, prediction by parrots based on Kalli Purana, bird system and astrology have been used since time immemorial. Let us know about some such auspicious and inauspicious omens related to life.

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good omen

  • If the dead body of an elderly person is seen coming with gaiety, then it should be understood that the journey will prove to be auspicious and beneficial.
  • If a bird drops a piece of silver or jewelery in your house, it is considered an indicator of attainment of Lakshmi.
  • If you have seen a pig drenched in mud – it is auspicious, but if the mud is dry – it is inauspicious.
  • If you are going somewhere and the cat brings some food item in front of you and says meow – it is inauspicious. If this action is done while coming to your home – it is auspicious.
  • If someone is going or coming back and the donkey is seen on the left side – it is a good omen.


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