Was Afsana Khan Eviction Fair: was afsana khan eviction by bigg boss fair celebs and audience divided over twitter know all that happened- Why did Bigg Boss expel Afsana Khan? Did the singer really become a ‘villain of the house’?

‘Bigg Boss’ is a platform where you get a chance to make your mark and improve your image. This is such a platform, where after coming, many contestants have become a career and become a star. But what happened to Afsana recently is sad. What Afsana did in the Bigg Boss house was wrong, but was it right that she was not even given a chance to speak before she was kicked out of the show?

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Afsana Khan’s violent form during the VIP zone access task took everyone by surprise. Due to this, Bigg Boss took a drastic step and threw Afsana out of the show.

Friends cheated, accusing Rajiv

In fact, Afsana was badly broken by the deception she received from friends in the VIP access task. Afsana considered Umar Riaz as a friend. But when Umar chose Nishant, Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash over Afsana during the VIP access task, his anger erupted. Afsana also accused Shamita Shetty’s Rakhi brother Rajeev Adatia of “touching her inappropriately”. Afsana claimed that Rajiv followed her into the bathroom and touched her inappropriately.
Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan said – I will make everyone’s life haraam, Bigg Boss showed the way out of the house

worsening condition after lifting the knife
Afsana kept screaming throughout the house and kept asking Bigg Boss to invite her to the confession room. Either she will be in this show or Shamita Shetty. Shamita also clearly said that she can tolerate so much humiliation and abuse and hence would like to leave the show. During this, Prateek Sahajpal and Vishal Kotian also tried to convince and pacify Afsana. But she did not come under anyone’s control. He started destroying the property of Bigg Boss house. He threw his water bottle and then took a knife in his hand to harm himself.
Bigg Boss gave the biggest power to Umar! Who will decide who will be the contender for the trophy
Decision to leave without listening to
Soon after, Bigg Boss called Afsana to the confession room. Afsana was hoping that she would be given a chance to make her point. But Bigg Boss said that Afsana has broken the biggest rule of the show by picking up a tool (knife) in her hand and hence he is expelling her.

Shamita’s scissor lift is justified, but the narrative is wrong

But Afsana kept refusing to leave the show. She was repeatedly asking Bigg Boss to give her a chance to speak. Be given a chance to have your say. But Bigg Boss said in a stern tone that the decision has been taken. He should come out of the house straight from the confession room.

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But surprisingly, a few weeks ago, during a task, Shamita Shetty picked up scissors, which all the contestants reacted to. Then Shamita had kept the scissors. But Bigg Boss did not react on that matter. There is also a discussion on social media that if it is a matter of rules, then they should be same for all the contestants. Similarly, when Simba Nagpal pushed Umar Riaz into the pool, why was he not thrown out?

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These celebs in support of Afsana
A debate broke out on social media after Afsana Khan was expelled from ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Gauahar Khan, Shefali Jariwala, Rashmi Desai and Parag Tyagi supported Afsana. Shefali’s husband Parag also told Shamita a lot.

Kamya Punjabi said this
However, Kamya Punjabi had a different reaction. Reacting to Afsana Khan’s comment that she would take off her clothes, she tweeted, “Who is talking about taking off her own clothes, why and what are the rest of the people understanding … and then she plays the woman card.” .’



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