Kareena Kapoor Also Takes Son Taimur’s Classes, Divided Time Between Taimur And Jehangir Ali Khan

Kareena kapoor also takes son Taimur’s classes: Being a mother is not an easy task. A mother has a duty of twenty-four hours and seven days. Be it a housewife or the top actress of the industry. Mother’s routine is the same. Kareena Kapoor is also the mother of two sons. 5-year-old Taimur and 10-month-old Jehangir aka Jeh (Jeh) are therefore also surrounded by responsibilities. Kareena Kapoor is one of the top actresses in the industry, whose own lifestyle is very busy, but despite this, she cannot escape from the responsibilities of a mother. Kareena Kapoor herself takes Taimur’s online class and tries to fulfill every need of little Jeh herself.

In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor herself told about her daily lifestyle. She had said that the day she does not go on shooting or stays at home. That whole day she is busy only with her children. Taimur’s online class, watching him what he is doing, gives equal time to both Taimur and Jeh. At the same time, when the little souls sleep, then Kareena also takes a nap secretly. So that they can keep themselves fresh along with both the children.

Bebo was very mischievous in childhood
By the way, not only about her daily routine, but in this interview, Kareena also revealed a lot about her childhood which was quite surprising. Kareena told that she was very naughty in childhood and she troubled her mother a lot with her mischief. She used to bunk school to watch the film, which her teacher used to complain to Kareena’s mother. But now after becoming a mother, Kareena has changed a lot and she lives with her children with discipline.



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