‘Spiderman’ fame James Franco made a shocking statement about his sex addiction. ‘Spiderman’ fame James Franco made a shocking statement about his sex addiction

Mumbai. Hollywood actor James Franco, who has made his mark in the whole world with the film ‘Spiderman’, is in discussions these days. But this time the reason for her coming into the limelight is not her film or trailer, but her sexual relationship. Yes, almost 4 years after the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him, the actor has broken his silence. He has made many such shocking revelations, after hearing which everyone is surprised. Revealing that, James has admitted that he was battling sex addiction.

He disclosed his addiction to sex after quitting alcohol, saying, “It is a powerful drug, at that time my thinking was that if it was all mutually agreed then it was fine. At that time I was not clear However, I regret doing so.” There were allegations of sexual assault against James Franco about four years ago. At that time, five women had accused Franco of misbehavior.

According to the information, it has been told that he had spent many nights with the students of his own acting school. However, he has been working to improve his behavior for the past several years. James Franco has told during an interview that he used to sleep with his students while teaching them. He said, ‘I used to sleep with the students and I realized that he was wrong.’ However, the actor made it clear that he did not start school to woo women because of his sex addiction.

There were allegations of sexual harassment against James Franco 4 years ago. To which no response was given from the actor’s side. But now after so many years, he has told everything in detail, breaking his silence in this matter. After the year 2017, in the year 2019 also, two women had filed a case against James. James was accused of exploiting girls attending his acting school (which is now closed) and shooting sex scenes of young women.

first published:Dec. 23, 2021, 4:30 p.m.

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