Just Because Of This Meena Kumari Had Given Money To Mumtaz For Her Luxurious Bungalow

When Meena Kumari had given her bungalow to Mumtaz: Actress Mumtaz started working in the film industry at the age of just 12. He gave many superhit films in his illustrious career. Mumtaz worked with Rajesh Khanna in about 9 films, almost all of which were hits. At the same time, actress Meena Kumari, popularly known as Tragedy Queen, sold her bungalow to Mumtaz at the cost of a penny.

According to media reports, Meena Kumari had given her bungalow on Carter Road in Mumbai to Mumtaz for just Rs 3 lakh. Little is known about this that Meena Kumari did this to pay off a debt of Mumtaz. This was disclosed by Mumtaz’s brother Shahrukh himself in an interview.

According to media reports, Mumtaz worked in a film for Meena Kumari. However, at that time Meena Kumari could not pay the actress her fee which was Rs 3 lakh. However, Mumtaz never asked for money from Meena Kumari. But the tragedy queen could not forget this thing.

Mumtaz’s brother Shahrukh said in the interview, ‘Meena Kumari was battling cancer. She was vomiting blood on the hospital bed. At the same time, he called Mumtaz and gave him his bungalow at Carter Road in Mumbai. According to media reports, Mumtaz never lived in that bungalow but her brother’s family still lives in that bungalow.

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