Makar Sankranti 2022: After 29 years, the combination of Sun-Saturn is changing, their fate will shine

Makar Sankranti 2022 : This year also Makar Sankranti 2022 Makar Sankranti 2022 is falling on 14th January. On this day Sun-Saturn enters Capricorn and stays in this zodiac for a month. During this period, Surya forgets his anger towards Shani. Thus shows the importance of relationships in life. Whereas Sun enters Capricorn every year on the day of Makar Sankranti. Very rarely he encounters his son Shani. This rare coincidence is now happening on 14 January 2022 after a gap of 29 years. In 1993, when Saturn and Sun were together in Capricorn. The conjunction of Sun and Saturn is considered to be the most interesting and scary in Vedic astrology. Sun and Saturn are arch enemies of each other. Sun is the father and Shani is the son. The Sun is the causative planet of the soul.

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Aries- You may have a strong desire to be recognized for your hard work. It won’t be easy. There may be estrangement with the boss or higher officials. Married people may face family problems. Some of you may face confusion in your career.

Taurus – You need to be obedient and disciplined to get success in life. Some of you may have to go on a long journey and there are also signs of settling abroad. Relations with father may deteriorate. In addition, the father’s health may deteriorate and may require medical supervision.

Gemini- People associated with partnership business can get sudden success. Health related problems may be faced. You need to be careful during this. Injury may occur. Some of you may get benefit in matters related to inheritance. There is a possibility of new revelations for the people associated with the field of research or astrology.

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Cancer zodiac sign- There may be problems in love relationship. There may be a dispute with the spouse. Spouse’s health may deteriorate and you may need to spend time with them. Business partnership may get affected due to contractual issues. You need to act responsibly in your personal and professional life.

Leo sun sign- There will be new possibilities in career and you may get a new role with additional responsibilities. There may be minor health issues but recovery will be quick. Maintain your routine and do regular physical exercise.

Virgo sun sign- You will be on the quest to gain knowledge. Avoid any kind of participation in the stock market otherwise there are signs of loss. Children may face some health issues and may need your support. Those who are leading a love life may face some disturbance.

Libra – You may experience dissatisfaction in your emotional life. Avoid investing in land related matters. Your mother may face health issues and may need medical help. There may be some unexpected career change.

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Scorpio zodiac- There may be some travel related to your personal or professional life. Be extra careful when reading and signing documents or contracts. Relations with younger siblings may deteriorate, so be transparent in conversation.

Sagittarius – You will have material gains. Some unexpected money may come in your bank account. However health needs extra care. Be wary of any eye or throat infections. Avoid unnecessary arguments in personal or professional life. Pay attention to your words. Stay away from arguments.

Capricorn- There may be some internal contradictions in your personality which you will come across. This can create confusion in your mind and make it difficult for others to understand you. Be careful in your personal life as it may lead to unwanted disturbance.

Aquarius- Your mental peace will be disturbed and your sleeping pattern may be disturbed. Some of you may go abroad on professional commitments. Be careful of any disease related to eyes. Hospital visits can happen. Involve yourself in charity.

Pisces- You may get financial benefits. But there can be a rift with elder siblings. An old friend may stab you in the back, so avoid trusting anyone blindly. Your children can opt for higher studies and perform well in their exams. Income is likely to increase.

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