Microsoft launches new feature to remove meeting recordings – Microsoft launches new feature to remove meeting recordings

San Francisco: Tech giant Microsoft has rolled out a new feature for Teams that can automatically delete recording files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint after a predetermined time. As ZDNet reports, Microsoft rolled out a new feature for the Teams collaboration platform in its December update, which includes end-to-end encryption for an issue between Teams and Android that caused some devices to freeze. .

Administrators can disable the auto-termination feature which will be on by default. Once rolled out, if no action is taken, all new recordings will automatically expire after 60 days of recording.

“Due to customer requests, Microsoft has asked for the feature to be rolled out sooner,” Microsoft said in a blogpost.

“All newly created Team Meeting Recordings (TMRs) will have a default expiration of 60 days. This is enabled by default for all,” the company said.

“This means that by default, all TMRs created after this feature is operational will be deleted 60 days after their creation date.”

Administrators can set meetings to never end in the Team Admin Center or by using PowerShell commands.

Microsoft described the feature as a ‘lightweight housekeeping mechanism to reduce storage clutter’ created by older recordings, which on average consumed around 400MB of cloud storage per hour of recording.

first published:Jan. 9, 2022, 6:10 p.m.


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