Mika Singh Once Visited Sunny Leone’s House At 4 In The Morning

The Kapil Sharma Show: Every week some celebrity arrives on The Kapil Sharma Show as a guest. The celebs arrived on the show and there was no atmosphere of old tales and laughter, how could this happen. Recently, when Sana Leone and Punjabi singer Mika Singh arrived on the show, something similar was seen.

Actually, actress Sunny Leone along with famous Punjabi singer Mika Singh had recently reached comedian Kapil Sharma’s show. Both had a lot of fun on the show. Also shared some stories related to each other. One of these anecdotes was also of Sunny Leone’s Los Angeles house, where Mika Singh reached her house late at night. Sharing this anecdote, Mika Singh said, ‘I have gone to Sunny’s US house. Went at 4 o’clock in the night, because I was late, don’t get me wrong. I thought I would reach at 11.30 pm, but I was late due to performance. These are very sweet. He made pizza and fed it at night and made very sweet coffee. I still remember.

Further Mika Singh also praised the house of Sunny Leone Los Angeles House. Even Mika Singh told Sunny Leone as his favorite actress. Mika Singh says that he is a big fan of Sunny Leone. When he did the world tour with Sunny Leone, then Sunny did not show him the slightest tantrum or attitude.

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On the other hand, Sunny Leone also mentioned about Mika Singh’s marriage. He told that it will be done by next year. Now it has to be seen how true his statement proves to be. The video of this conversation related to these two is being seen a lot on social media.

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