New evaluation system for school students under new education policy – New evaluation system for school students under new education policy

New Delhi: The Union Education Ministry is making major reforms in the school examination marking system. These reforms are based on the provisions of the New Education Policy. A different type of marking (evaluation) system is being adopted under the new education policy. Based on the new education policy, this evaluation system will be constructive, relevant and will emphasize on correct answers.

The main objective of this new system of evaluation is to reduce the stress of the students and to incorporate enjoyable and practical way of learning in the school education system. Under this vision, CBSE is also reshaping the board examinations.

CBSE says that the action taken under the new education policy will help in stimulating the holistic development of the students. In fact, these provisions of the new education policy emphasize reducing student stress and making the process of learning enjoyable, practical. Under this vision, CBSE has also redesigned the board examinations.

According to the Union Education Ministry, reforms have been made in the examination process under the new education policy, which aims to improve the learning process of the students. This process has improved the examination system and has also had a positive impact on the results of the students. In this new process, importance is given to creative, correct and relevant answers.

According to the Union Education Ministry, the subjects of studies and examination are being offered to the school students at two levels, due to which the stress of the students has been reduced. Along with this, options are being made available to the students at the senior secondary level regarding subjects like Mathematics.

In fact, there is a provision in the new education policy that instead of reducing content, increasing flexibility and rote in the school curriculum, there should be a renewed emphasis on constructive. The new education policy also says that school textbooks should be accompanied by parallel changes. All textbooks will aim to include essential core material (with discussion, analysis, examples and applications) deemed nationally important.

The Union Education Ministry has also asked all stakeholders to take action regarding school bags. The Union Education Ministry wants that now all the schools should take action on this provision of the New Education Policy. By doing this, the weight of the school bag of the students will be reduced. No more than a certain average weight shall be burdened as a school bag for the student of each class.

The Ministry of Education says that text books to be taken to school and homework given by the school are also a part of this provision of the new education policy. Giving information on this subject, the Ministry of Education said that the aim of this change is to ensure good health of the students and encourage their stress-free education.

first published:Jan. 9, 2022, 6:14 p.m.


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