south indian films bollywood pushpa: South’s films are destroying the dominance of Bollywood in North India? Shocking ‘Pushpa’ success – will south indian films become more popular than bollywood films among hindi audience

Audiences in Indian cinema have been divided on the basis of languages ​​from the very beginning. However, still the biggest industry has been Hindi films i.e. Bollywood. Bollywood movies have been seen not only in India but also outside India. However, in the last few years this gap seems to be closing. Now the audience of Hindi is liking the films of different languages. In such a situation, the question is arising whether this is the end of the dominance of Bollywood? Or the distance between films about languages ​​is coming to an end.

The craze of South actors has increased rapidly in the Hindi belt.
Earlier, big stars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna have worked in Bollywood. Not many Hindi films came from him, so the identity of South’s actors in the Hindi belt was also limited. In the recent past, the craze of South’s actors seems to be increasing rapidly in the Hindi belt. In a way, ‘Bahubali’ has increased this craze. Now the audience of Hindi belt has become a fan of many big actors of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada cinema.
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Satellite channels also have a big hand
Most of the satellite movie channels have been showing a lot of South Hindi dubbed movies for some time now. It is believed that the reason for this is that the satellite rights of South dubbed films are available at a much lower cost than Bollywood films. As a result of this, a large audience of Hindi started recognizing the actors of South. Gradually these superstars of Tamil and Telugu cinema came to be recognized in the Hindi belt.

People liked the creativity of South
One of the reasons for the increasing craze of South films in the Hindi belt can also be to make films on the old worn-out formula of Bollywood. The audience is getting to see new stories and creativity in South’s films. At the same time, the Hindi audience is getting to see the hero of a different environment and culture instead of the traditional hero of Bollywood. Surely this can also be the reason for the increasing interest of Hindi audience in South’s films.
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South’s films will give tough competition to Bollywood in North?
Both the films of SS Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’ series did a bang business in North India. Allu Arjun’s recently released film ‘Pushpa’ has also done amazing business. Along with ‘Pushpa’, Hollywood’s ‘Spider-Man’ and Ranveer Singh’s ’83’ were released. Yet only the Hindi version of the film has so far earned more than 70 crores and is still giving a tough competition to 83 in daily earnings at the box office. In such a situation, it is believed that in the coming time, the dominance of Hindi films may end in North India.

Why South superstars are not coming in Hindi films?
In the last few years, when the popularity of South stars is increasing so much in the North, then the audience wants to see them in Hindi films. Talking to Navbharat Times a few days ago, Telugu superstar Jr NTR had said that the difference between North and South in films has now ended. Now only Indian cinema is left. Allu Arjun believes the same. On the matter of not appearing in Hindi films, Allu Arjun says that he has not yet received any big and strong offer from Bollywood. Same is the belief of Mahesh Babu who has been quite popular in North India for the last several years.
Allu Arjun, who rocked ‘Pushpa’, said – never got a strong offer from Bollywood


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