the kapil sharma show: When Mika Singh reached Sunny Leone’s house at 4 in the morning, told the anecdote and said- don’t misunderstand- the kapil sharma show mika singh reveals that he reached sunny leone house at sharp 4 pm after performance

Sunny Leone for the promotion of ‘Auntiyaan Dance Karengi’ and Mika Singh, Toshi Sabri and Sharib Sabri to promote ‘Majnu’ Shabri) on the sets of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Here these four talked a lot and joked. Also, Mika Singh revealed during this that he once reached Sunny Leone’s house at 4 in the morning.

Mika Singh says in the show, ‘I have gone to Sunny’s US house. It was four o’clock in the night because I was late. Don’t misunderstand you guys. Actually, I thought I would reach 11.30. But I got late because of the performance. While praising Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel, Mika further says, ‘Sunny’s husband is very sweet. He made me pizza that night and made me drink very tasty coffee.

Amidst all this, Mika Singh also tells that when he went on the world tour with the actress, he did not throw any tantrums etc. There was no attitude. She was absolutely punctual when it came to timing. She used to reach the show at seven in the morning. To this Sunny immediately replies, ‘I am the only fool who comes in this industry on time.’ And hearing this, everyone starts laughing out loud.

On this Kapil also starts having fun with the actress. It is said that she is meeting him after a long time. To this Sunny quickly replies, ‘Yes, I know, you don’t call me, don’t even say hi. Nothing. How are you? Whats up?’ So Kapil says, ‘I got married while waiting for your phone number.’ Hearing this, everyone starts laughing.

When is Mika Singh getting married? Sunny Leone revealed on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’



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