WhatsApp for iOS to improve chat list design: Report

San Francisco: To improve its chat list page with a clear design, Meta-owned WhatsApp is planning to move the broadcast list to another part of the app in a future update. According to wabteinfo, WhatsApp is planning to remove ‘Broadcast List’ and ‘New Group’ from the chat list in future updates.

The report said that this will be a new entry point for the contact list when users tap on the same button ‘Start New Chat’ in the top right.

The report said that it is planned for future updates and there is no release date yet.

A recent report said that WhatsApp has started testing a new feature on iOS that shows profile pictures in system notifications to users when they receive new messages from chats and groups.

This feature will display a person’s profile picture in the notification and DP will be shown in the notification for both individual and group WhatsApp chats.

first published:Jan. 9, 2022, 6:20 p.m.



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