When Dharmendra Said On His Relationship With Meena Kumari I Was Just A Fan Not Love

When Dharmendra talk about Meena Kumari: There were a lot of discussions about the love of Dharmendra and Meena Kumari. However, neither Meena Kumari nor Dharmendra said anything about this. According to media reports, Meena Kumari had a big hand in making Dharmendra’s career. Meena Kumari helped him a lot when Dharmendra was looking for work in the film industry. Meena Kumari was a big name of Hindi cinema in those days. He even recommended to many producer-directors to take Dharmendra in his film.

According to media reports, Meena Kumari and Dharmendra of the film ‘Phool Aur Patthar’ came close to each other. By that time the relationship between Meena and her husband Kamal Amrohi had also deteriorated. At the same time, Kamal Amrohi also did not like Dharmendra and Meena Kumari. That’s why he didn’t sign Dharmendra in the film, ‘Pakeezah’. However, after becoming a star, Dharmendra broke up with Meena Kumari. But it is said that Dharmendra used to visit Meena Kumari in her last days.

Well, when Dharmendra was asked during an interview, ‘Was Meena Kumari your first love?’ To this he replied, ‘No love, I was his big fan. I used to watch him like a fan. If the relationship between a star and a fan is called love, then consider it as love.

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